What Is Your Gender?

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If you find yourself pondering your gender identity, you've come to the right place. This quiz aims to offer some guidance by aligning your experiences and feelings with various gender categories. Whether you identify with the traditional binary genders, fall somewhere on the nonbinary spectrum, or are exploring an identity that defies categorization, this quiz can offer valuable insights. Keep in mind that no quiz can definitively determine your genderโ€”that's a deeply personal realization that only you can make. Nevertheless, take this as a starting point, a catalyst for deeper thought and conversations about who you truly are.

  • 1
    You are in a world where no one knows you. Someone asks if you are male or female. What do you say?
  • 2
    You have to split into a group: Boys or Girls. Which one do you want to go to?
  • 3
    If you were to meet a stranger, you'd like them to think you are:

  • 4
    Your role models are generally ...
  • 5
    You are asked what your pronouns are. How do you answer?
  • 6
    If you were in a relationship, you would like your partner to refer to you as their ...

  • 7
    What do you feel like you are?
  • 8
    You're in public, and you have to go to the restroom. You are welcome in any bathroom. Which do you enter?
  • 9
    What do you think of gendered products?
  • 10
    What answer are you hoping for?

Comments (134)


1133 days ago
Okay so the results i got were For 50% you are: Results say... You're Agender! You could also get this result:
For 20% you are: Results say... You're Female! Or even this one:
For 20% you are: Results say... You're Nonbinary/Genderqueer!
For 10% you are: Results say... You're Bigender/Polygender!
And i find this part funny
For 0% you are: Results say... You're Male!

But yeah im already agender i just wanted to do this coz im bored, so i think this test is pretty accurate, the reason it was only 50% Agender is because i am very feminine and i guess it mistook femininity for female but yeah this was a pretty good test
1145 days ago
40% non-binary. 30% male. 30% agender. 0% female. I was born female. This sucks.
1147 days ago
50 percent agender, 40 percent enby and 10 percent male. yup sounds like me
1151 days ago
50% non-binary/genderqueer
40% bi or polygender
10% female
Well... i am questioning my gender and i do kinda feel like demi-girl (between girl and non-binary/agender) fits because i don't mind/i'm indifferent to being AFAB and then i have days like why the f am i a girl uuurggh
1154 days ago
80% Non-binary/genderqueer
10% bi or polygender
10% agender
WellI feel like I#m a demigirl, because I identify as non-binary and female, which is pretty confusing (binary+non-binary=CoNFusIoN), but I like it that way! Hate my ๐Ÿ’—!
1160 days ago
90% female, 10% bigender, 0% male, 0% nonbinary, 0% agender.
That's pretty accurate. Compliments!
1168 days ago
I was really hoping I would get non binary... Thank you!
1172 days ago
Pretty Accurate At-least ^^
1177 days ago
I got:
80% bigender
20% non-binary
Holy ๐Ÿ’—oony i didn't know anything could be that accurate
1179 days ago
60% agender and 40% bigender/polygender
โ€ฆ sounds about right
also a lot of yall sound like youre in a bad place rn
please seek help if you need it we cant lose any more precious souls to them cis straights
1194 days ago
AFAB here,
50% female
20% nonbinary/genderqueer
20% agender
10% bigender/polygender
0% male
pretty accurate
1207 days ago
80% male and 20% agender. Pretty accurate. I think I'm male but I just have a couple of doubts for some reason. Hopefully I'll know for good soon. I think my brains just trying to come up with excuses really. Like I just want to be like my dad. Or it's just stereotypes. And then I sit back and think about it... and I realise that oh yeah I feel physically uncomfortable to the point of death... I don't really know... I just really wish I'd been born male, life would be so much ๐Ÿ’ better. Idk. Peace and ๐Ÿ’
1208 days ago
1213 days ago
I am a guy wih 0% male and 40% female
1216 days ago
Cheese lol ahahahahahahha
1217 days ago
20% female, 20% male, 20% non binary / genderqueer, 20% bigender / polygender, and 10 % agender. Well, ๐Ÿš”. I think im a demiboy though...
1227 days ago
I got 80% male, 10% non-binary/genderqueer, 10% agernder. I'm AFAB...
1232 days ago
@Ur Mom saaaaaaasmmmeeee...
It's really confusing though like
1232 days ago
Bigender.I think I'm Lesbian.
1236 days ago
The questions are weird