What's Your Gender Identity? (Cisgender, Trans, or Nonbinary)

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Still questioning your gender identity? Well, this quiz will help you understand whether you are cisgender, trans, or nonbinary.

  • 1
    Which pronouns do you use?
  • 2
    Would you be comfortable with female genitalia?
  • 3
    Do you have chest dysphoria?

  • 4
    Are you comfortable when people mis-gender you with your birth sex, or is it just mildly infuriating that they don't seem to respect you?
  • 5
    Would you rather be cisgender but not have dysphoria or be special, and be what you're comfortable with?
  • 6
    Who do you think is attracted to you more?

  • 7
    Do people misgender you often?
  • 8
    Do you think you're cisgender?
  • 9
    Which would you rather your hair length be?
  • 10
    Last question! Have you been told by your friends that you give them nonbinary/transgender vibes or something along those lines?

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9 days ago
i want a more descriptive answer
122 days ago
I honestly don't care my gender, im'a start going by any pronouns cause I really just don't care.
140 days ago
I got trans or non-binary, but I have no idea which one I am. This quiz does tell the truth but doesn't help me with anything (no offense) I was born a female and currently identify as non-binary, but I'm starting to think I also could be a transgender male.
146 days ago
Who am I? What am I? I don't even know what I don't know anymore. Neither? Both? All? one? Actually cishet? Trans? Genderfluid?
Basically, I'm nothing but everything at once.Idk.
298 days ago
Dear Sage this test barely gives you options of what your gender might be. Demi girl is a type of non-binary so you should look up what type of non-binary am I. Non-binary is an umbrella and there are 11 things under it that you might be.
308 days ago
"bold of you to assume I have friends"

AH yes...the perfect option for me.

Idek what the heck my gender is! I say im demigirl- but am i non-0binary..accordig to this quiz Im non-binary :>
349 days ago
by the way eliott is my non bianry name also i got non binary wwhich i am people also make fun of me for painting my nails T^T
359 days ago
397 days ago
haha i got nonbianary and i identify as nonbianary, or genderfluid, or maby demiboy, yk what idfk
458 days ago
Yeah I was rushing on this one I'm really sorry lol, there's not really enough slots in the making of the quiz to have all the options anyways :/
514 days ago
100% totally agree with you.
514 days ago
First question: Doesn't have all the combos of the genders
i.e. She/Her, He/Him, He/They
I am AMAB but feel and act sometimes like a female, I wish I had everything female my name, voice, chest, genitalia, muscle mass, waist, eventually I want to transition MtF and go by she/her but not one of the choices. Not every AMAB/ AFAB wants to have "they" in their pronouns, which isn't bad but it's just not what they would want to go by.

If you want to make these quizzes give everyone the chance and choices, I know these kinds of tests wont tell you anything but maybe it'll help someone want to get help