What kind of Bird are You?
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What kind of Bird are You?

You'll be flyin' high after you take this test

Question 1:   What do you like to eat?
Anything I can chase.
Whatever Old MacDonald feeds me.
I prefer roadkill.
FISH! Lotsa lotsa fish!

Question 2:   How do you feel about flying?
I don't fly. I'd rather swim or jump off a cliff.
I'm a runner.
Flying makes me tired.
I love flying. Especially flying in circles.

Question 3:   Are you a social creature?
Only if there's enough carcass to go around.
If they don't bug me, I won't bug them.
The more of us, the more fish we catch!
Not a chance. I'm too fast to be social.

Question 4:   Who are your enemies?
Hyenas, jackals, and eighteen-wheelers.
Lions, tigers, and bears (oh my)
Polar bears and frostbite

Question 5:   Who are your friends?
Old MacDonald
Fish are EVERYBODY'S friends
Anyone fast enough to keep up.

Question 6:   What kind of wardrobe do you have?
Anything I can get blood out of.
Racing stripes
Formal wear. You know, tuxedo, suit and tie stuff

Question 7:   How's the weather?
It's hot, so I make my own breeze.
It's cold outside, but I'm warm and toasty
I can feel the breeze in my feathers.
Hot and dry. Bone-dry.

Question 8:   What's your favorite color?
Grassy green
Snow white
I don't know. Everything's a blur.

Question 9:   Describe your parents
They like fish, too.
I ate them when they died.
I was taken away from my parents.

Question 10:   Was it worth taking this test?
I want to eat the eyeballs right out of your head.
It is if I get fish out of it.

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