What kind of bird are you in the cafeteria?
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What kind of bird are you in the cafeteria?

Not your average avian personality test.

Question 1:   How much money do you bring for lunch?
Ugh..at least 20 dollars. People mooch off of me.
Just the required amount to purchase a meal.
I bring a bag lunch or steal from others.
None, and I don't bring a bag lunch either. I'll eat leftovers.

Question 2:   Someone has a large bag of chips..what do you do?
Ignore it. You're too engrossed in that book.
Steal it. They couldn't eat all those chips themselves, could they?
Buy your own
Wait until everyone else eats the chips, then take the bag and devour the remaining crumbs

Question 3:   Which of these best describe you as a person?

Question 4:   Which of these do you typically wear?
All black.
Bright, happy colours! Look at how happy I am!
Somewhat drab, usually, but I enjoy pretty clothing as well.
Skate brands. You know, like Volcom and Hurley.

Question 5:   How would most people describe you?
Popular, peppy, sociable
Very intelligent, diligent, amusing
Punkish, maybe a skater.
Morbid, eccentric, an outsider

Question 6:   What kind of music do you like?
Gothic, industrial, darkwave, dark ambient, EBM..
Classical, maybe a bit of jazz.
Punk, black metal, emo..just about any alternative
I'm eclectic. I'll listen to just about anything
Pop, hip-hop, pop punk. Lots of -op sounds there!

Question 7:   Which of these do you like to eat?
Anything, really. Just make sure it's fresh.
Plant products. You know, salads, breads...
Anything..regardless of expiration date.

Question 8:   Which of these are your favourite birds?
Corvids, the crows and ravens. They're really intelligent.
Psittacines, the parrots. Friendly and amusing.
Raptors, the hawks and falcons. They're cool.
That bird over there...WHEN IT DIES

Question 9:   Yes?

Question 10:   What religion are you?
Christian, Jewish, or Islamic
Buddhist or Hindu
Nihilist or anarchist, but these aren't religions.
None of these

Question 11:   Who do you hang out with?
My clique! It extends over the entire school.
The chess club members..and my fellow techies.
My group. We like to listen to music and skate together.
My imaginary friend, maybe one or two real ones.

Question 12:   Pick a colour.
Brown and White
Grey and Red

Question 13:   Who would you rather meet?
Charles Manson
Paris Hilton
Stephen Hawking
Tony Hawk

Question 14:   At the end of lunch, what do you do?
Take everyone else's trash and toss it out
Dump your trash on someone else
Dispose of your trash by yourself.

Question 15:   Look, the quiz is over! How do you feel about this?

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