Are You Black Cat Material?
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Are You Black Cat Material?

It takes a special kind of person to cross another's path and inspire change. Take this quiz and find out if you have what it takes to become a member of the Cats and Doves Society.

Question 1:Have you ever made a list of your lifelong dreams?
Yes, and they were to complicated to complete.
Yes, and I'm working my way through them.
No, I find that sort of thing useless.
No, I would find it too depressing.
No, but I would like to.

Question 2:Daily wear clothing:
I buy off the net and if it doesn't fit, I send it back.
I buy off the net and if it doesn't fit, I alter or work with it.
I buy at a thrift store because of the bigger selection of styles.
I buy inexpensive things that fit.
I buy only name brands.

Question 3:Would you ever wear a clown nose to a meeting?
Yes, definitely.
If someone else did it, too.

Question 4:Television
I don't take TV that seriously.
I have visited the official website of a show I liked.
I have quietly fantasized about a character on a show I liked.
I have dressed up as a character on a show I liked.
I have written fan-fiction or created fan-art about a show I liked.

Question 5:Practical Jokes
Should be swift and painless.
I should be the butt of my own jokes.
Should be embarrassing.
Should be scary.

Question 6:In the last year I have
Kissed only before sex.
Necked in a car or closet.
Kissed hello and goodbye.
Thought about kissing.
Initiated a kissing game.

Question 7:My favorite type of music makes up _______ of my collection.
Less than 50%
I have no favorite style. I like a little of everything.
I don't pay much attention to music.

Question 8:Autos
A car is a tool. If the engine's good, I don't care what kind of car I drive.
My car should reflect my income.
My car should reflect my personality.
Safety is all that counts.
Speed is all that counts.

Question 9:I dress in costume
on Halloween or for a party.
when I think it would be funny.
I am so different at work, I consider dressing for work a costume

Question 10:I witness an argument between 2 co-workers in a small breakroom
I try to negotiate
I step out quietly
I fall out of my chair or start singing old drinking songs over my coffee.
I listen carefully and pick a side.
I slurp my coffee loudly until they quiet down.

Question 11:If more than one applies, pick the one that was most important to you. In the last year I have
Given gifts to family, friends and acquaintances for special occasions.
Given a gift to someone I didn't know for a special occasion.
Given gifts to the above because I found something they would like.
Given corporate and family gifts only.
Sent out a form-letter Family Christmas card only.

Question 12:A friend mentions he is having his dog neutered.
You make an uncomfortable face.
You insert the obvious jokes here.
You tell him how unnatural and cruel that is.
Your pet sends his pet a get well card.

Question 13:Vacations
I drive and if there are no hotel rooms, I can always camp in the car.
I hire someone to plan our itinerary or book a tour.
I get tickets months in advance, but rent a car.
I make hotel reservations and drive by scenic route.
I make hotel reservations and drive there by highway.

Question 14:Valentines
I get depressed if I don't get something on Valentine's Day.
Valentines are for suckers.
I would rather get an unexpected Valentine 3x a year than one on Valentine's day.

Question 15:The following seems like the most fun to me on a date:
Having a bonfire on a beach and making smores.
Making jam or jelly at home.
Going to a movie or concert.
Dressing in your finest and going to Burger King.

Question 16:You are at a family reunion. The photographer has 1 photo left on her roll, and she suggests everyone make a funny face.
You make the funniest face you have.
You try for a funny face that isn't too unflattering.
You cross your eyes.
You roll your eyes and mentally refuse to participate.

Question 17:When I tell personal stories about myself
they are about my accomplishments.
they are about stupid or embarrassing things I did.
I lie.
they are about my family.
they are about bad things that happened to me.

Question 18:I would most likely write an "I Love You" note to my mate
In the dirt or frost on my loved one's car.
On myself in gel pens.
On myself in a tattoo.
In a birthday card.
On the ceiling on glow-in-the-dark chalk.

Question 19:In the last year I have
Caught raindrops or snowflakes on my tongue.
Wanted to catch raindrops or snowflakes but felt silly.
Had no interest in tasting rain or snow.

Question 20:Someone calls you a freak. You
Smile and say "thank you", and mean it.
Smile and say "thank you", even though you're embarrassed.
Say, "I'm sorry, was my other head making faces?"
Roll your eyes and leave.

Question 21:Hair
I have had the same hairstyle for years.
I have sometimes spontaneously cut my hair slightly.
I have spontaneously dyed my hair a slightly different color.
I have spontaneously drastically cut or colored my hair.
I think about cutting my hair when I see something new I like

Question 22:The server at a restaurant forgets my fries, then I overhear her manager yelling at her about a dine-and-dash.
I leave no tip.
I leave a small tip.
I leave the standard 15%.
I leave a big tip and mention the fries on the comment card.
I leave a big tip and don't mention the fries on the comment card.

Question 23:Religion
I keep quiet about my beliefs out of fear of persecution.
I keep quiet about my beliefs out of fear of arguments.
I tell people about my beliefs only if they ask.
I am not ashamed to make my beliefs known.
My beliefs are personal and it isn't my place to tell others what to believe.

Question 24:If I were going to sculpt something, I'd like to try it with
Caramel corn.
Nothing-- I'm no artist.

Question 25:If I were alone in a waiting room for 2 hours, I would like to have:
Magazines, even if they weren't my style.
Pen and paper.

Question 26:You and 2 friends are walking through a park on a spring afternoon. You pass by a group having a picnic with the radio on. Your favorite song comes on.
You keep walking.
You hum along.
You dance.
You want to dance, but don't.

Question 27:In the last 5 years I have
Entered a restaurant to use the bathroom.
Eaten in a restaurant.
Had a friendly chat with a server in a restaurant.
Played footsie in a restaurant.

Question 28:On a hot day in the summer, I would consider,
Staying in the air conditioning.
Playing catch with water balloons.
Going out for ice-cream.

Question 29:Pick the most romantic proposal:
Diamond ring on bended knee in public.
Diamond ring inside a rose in private.
One dog-tag before leaving for a war.
Billboard on a highway.
"Marry Me" written in pudding on your stomach.

Question 30:My boss has come up with a ridiculous memo that informs everyone of a policy that can't possibly be enforced.
My boss wouldn't do that.
I make a T-shirt or button stating my opinion.
I anonymously parody the memo and send it to everyone's mailbox.
I memo back.

This Quiz has been designed by Pet Serrano.