Are You A Cat?
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Are You A Cat?

Well, are you?

Question 1:Do you have whiskers?
Question 2:Do you know the Meow Mix jingle? (I want chicken I want liver ...)
Question 3:Do you regularly sing aforesaid jingle?
Question 4:Do you have cute little paws?
Question 5:Do you enjoy napping in sunbeams?
Question 6:Do you eat a lot?
Question 7:Do you like fish?
Question 8:Do you lick yourself clean?
Question 9:Do you like being petted?
Question 10:Do you especially like having your tummy rubbed?
Question 11:Are you lazy?
Question 12:Is your name Steve?
Question 13:Do you have nice eyes?
Question 14:Are they green?
Question 15:Do you enjoy playing with small items like bits of string or shiny things?
Question 16:Does catnip make you crazy?
Question 17:Do you jump at loud noises?
Question 18:Do you play with your food?
Question 19:Do you have a tail?
Question 20:Are you warm and cuddly?
Question 21:Do you have claws?
Question 22:Are they retractable?
Question 23:Do your favorite games involve sneaking-up-and-pouncing?
Question 24:Have you ever plotted to take over the world?
Question 25:Do you really really intend to?
Question 26:Do you refer to cats as your "feline brethren"?
Question 27:Were you born with nine lives?
Question 28:Have you already used up one or more of them?
Question 29:Are you hungry?
Question 30:Meow?

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