What kind of Wild Cat Are You?
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What kind of Wild Cat Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you were a wild cat, what type of wild cat would you be? Well in this quiz your about to find out!

Question 1:   What kind of sport do you like to do?

Question 2:   Would you consider yourself an angel, rebel, little devil, or preppy?
little devil
I'm a rebel, all the way!

Question 3:   Which food group do you like best, meat, veggies, or both?
I don't believe in eating meat. It's cruel and heartless to kill innocent animals!
I don't care!
Meat, meat meat! Give me some meat baby! Must find meat!

Question 4:   Where would you like to live?
Anywhere, as long as there's meat....yum!

Question 5:   Your mom tells you to clean your room. What do you tell her?
Give me meat, first, then we'll talk.
Yes, mommy
NO! You can't make me!

Question 6:   Your favorite type of wild cat is......

Question 7:   Your favorite time of the day is....
Midnight! Where you can hunt easier....
In the dawn of the day!

Question 8:   You’re late for class and your excuse is....
I was making out with my boyfriend/girlfriend
Sorry had to finish my lunch, entirely made up of meat!
*Burp* I was having a soda-chugging contest with my friends

Question 9:   Your favorite place to hang out would be.....
The meat deli
In my boyfriend's arms
The woods

Question 10:   Your friends would best describe you as....
Meat Eatter
Sweet and kind
I have no friends.... except maybe... no I have no friends.
Protector of the Weak

Question 11:   Which was your favorite childhood game to play?
Hide and Go Seek
I never played when I was young........ I watched TV
Tag, duh!

This Quiz has been designed by Amber Esteerly.