What kind of cat are you?
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What kind of cat are you?

If you've ever wondered what type of cat you are, then this is the quiz for you. Have fun!

Question 1:   What is your favorite food?
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Anything you can find to eat
Anything with turkey
Corn on the cob or mashed potatoes
Rice or noodles

Question 2:   If you had to find an expensive piece of jewelry you lost in a garbage dump, how would you react?
"Ew, this is really gross, but I guess I can manage."
By refusing to do it.
You would feel right at home.
"Oh, well...it is my fault I lost it...and I guess it's not so bad."
By getting your friends to help.

Question 3:   What is your hair like?
Blonde, with highlights
Wavy in brown or blonde
Silky in an unusual color - gray, silver, blue...
Straight and brown
A bunch of colors, and somewhat messy

Question 4:   How many friends do you have?
I have a butler, does that count?
I make friends with almost anyone I meet.
I have a network of friends, but don't keep in touch with all of them.
I have ten or more close friends, but not really one that I think of as my best friend.
I have four or five close friends.

Question 5:   What is your favorite color?
Deep colors: dark red, green and blue
Dark colors: brown, black, dark green
Light, airy colors: pale yellow and orange
Pastels: Purple, pink, yellow

Question 6:   What color are your eyes?
Brown or black
Dark blue
Two different colors
Light blue, or an unusual color like violet or orange

Question 7:   How would your friends describe you?
Intelligent and caring
Scrungy, but fun to be around
Finicky, but sweet when you're happy
Mellow but somewhat stupid

Question 8:   What is your favorite pattern/look for your clothing?
Patchwork look
Shiny and metallic
Anything works
Solids only

Question 9:   If someone asked you to go to a movie with them on the weekend, what would you say?
Oh, I'm so sorry, I can't make it this time, maybe some other time?
Sure, just let me check and see if I have time.
How much does it cost?
Sorry, my weekend's booked solid.
Of course!

Question 10:   What do you like to do in your spare time?
Just chill at your house, and if anyone calls or wants to do something, go ahead
Babysit, do community service
Hang out with your friends
Look in the mirror
Walk around town and see what's going on

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