What is Your Cat's Personality? 🐱

This cat personality test (or should that be, "purr-sonality" test?) will tell you which cat personality your feline friends have out of these three choices: Hyperactive, Fat or, Lover. We know your cats are not like all those other cats! But they probably do fall into one of these three cat-egories (see what we did there?). Even if they're disagreeable cats who turn up their little pink noses at dry food!
Try this cat personality test now and see what you get! 😸

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    Which of these is your cat's/cats' favorite hobby or hobbies?
    Which of these is your cat's/cats' favorite hobby or hobbies?

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10 days ago
Got Lover cat.
Yup my dream kit kat right there!
98 days ago

both of my cats are fat cats 2 stars bc at least it works either way bye meh :/

119 days ago
For 60% you are: Your cat is a Hyperactive Cat.

That means it LOVES to play, hunt, and climb everything. It can get a little too much at times, but at least it doesn't get boring.

AWW, that's my cat!!! Other than the fact she sleeps 55% of the time. Like she's sleeping RN! But an hour ago she was bouncing off the walls.
135 days ago
Your cat is a Lover Cat.

A lover cats hobbies are cuddling and loving people. It will try to be around you or others all the time. Unlike other cats, these aren't aloof at all, and that includes following you everywhere.

Lover Cat Turn-Ons
Cuddling! Lots of cuddling on the couch, bed, kitchen table, floor, your cat doesn't care. It just wants to be close to you. You could get your cat an extra comfy bed right next to yours if it gets a little too much sometimes. If your cat gets separation anxiety, you could try a cat backpack to take it on adventures with you! If it doesn't want to move much, you just carry it around, but you could definitely try a leash, too. Try to find ways like that to build your cat's confidence!

Lover Cat Turn-Offs:
Their main turn-off is not being with Mommy or Daddy. Yes, that means you. But if it becomes a problem, you got to work on that. Other than that, this type of cat often tends to be very possessive, meaning strangers aren't welcome. And that can include your friends. It is important to set boundaries - for your cat, not your friends! Your cat needs to accept other people in your life.

Yep, I would say that's my Katniss!
521 days ago
hahaha i got fat cat
549 days ago
My test result was 100 percent accurate!
715 days ago
This test gave a result that sounded way more like my cat. Maybe the problem with the one I took earlier was that it asked questions that I didn't know how to (or in some cases flat-out couldn't) answer
2033 days ago
De result eye got is actually pretty acurate for meh cats personality and it is uh hyper cat.