What Dinosaur are you?
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What Dinosaur are you?

Question 1:   When you see a plate of food what do you think of?
I consume it immediately
I save some for later
I build the Devils Tower out of it

Question 2:   When shopping I
Slay the abusers of the 10 items or less rule
Always forget something.
Admire the gourds

Question 3:   If I had to choose I would watch
Wildlife specials
Arts and Crafts

Question 4:   If you were an instrument you would most likely be a
Pipe organ

Question 5:   The wind comes from
Hans Christian Anderson
A strange capybara in Tibet

Question 6:   Trilobites should be
Terminated with extreme prejudice
Standard issue military gear
Praised and worshipped

Question 7:   Jurassic Period foliage would
Make me want to shave the hair off live monkeys
Make a tasty snack
Cause mass hysteria

Question 8:   Cretaceous herbivores are
Soon to be digested
Stinking up the prairie
Agents of a secret organization bent on world domination

Question 9:   Pangea, the supercontinent, is
Very large
Costing a fortune in property taxes
The Evil Emperor's secret bungalow

Question 10:   If I have an itch
I claw sections of flesh off my body
I never itch
It must mean that Allosaurs are approaching

Question 11:   When the police stop me
I have devoured the last 7 that did
I try to make it on those Police Chase shows
It rubs the lotion on its skin.....

Question 12:   When roaming the wilderness at night
I attack the foliage
I cant wait for daytime
The mystic portal awaits...

Question 13:   Sport of choice id

Question 14:   My refrigerator is
Always empty
Always full
Is a secret communiqué from Berlin

Question 15:   Gymnosperms are my favorite
Celery sticks

Question 16:   When I fly my kite
I rig razor blades on it and dive bomb the neighbors dogs
I cry
I feel like licking the underside of my aquarium

Question 17:   When playing scrabble
I devour whomever I defeat
I eat the tiles
I receive coded messages from Titanic casualties

Question 18:   When I see cow brains in the store
I eat them right then and there
I consider other alternatives
I buy some for my secret medical experiments

Question 19:   Cooties are
Dangerous and should be avoided
Cool to get and fun to have
Deadly neurotoxins

Question 20:   When I look at the doggie in the window
I fire up the grill
I immediately pet the doggie
I recall my days as a Hare Krishna

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