Are you a Cat or a Dog?
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Are you a Cat or a Dog?

Cats or Dogs? Which are you? Find out in this quiz lasting about 7-10 min. tops!

Question 1:   So, feline or canine? Well lets see...First Question! If you were to...catch anything what would you most likely catch?
Cat's Tail
Mouse Toy
Real Mouse

Question 2:   What does your bed look like?
On a huge King sized bed with my pet (owner)
A chair...a nice big comfy chair
A lap!
Um...lets see the floor!

Question 3:   What Dog breed do you prefer?
None, I'm a cat person
Great Dane
Siberian Husky

Question 4:   What Cat Breed do you prefer?(These are like...basic names I'm not to familiar with cat breeds)

Question 5:   What wild animal do you like best?

Question 6:   How much do you sleep, if you do?(Per Day)
Normal Times I sleep every day, sometimes lay around.
Me, never sleep *graps teddy*....*snores*
About 8 hours a day not including about four one-hour naps
Three hours a day, hey the day is exciting, why spend it sleeping?

Question 7:   How do you act around unfamiliar people?
I start a conversation,
Normal, just blend in with everyone else.
Unfamiliar people!*hides under bed*no, no, not me!
Shy.Very, very shy.

Question 8:   Do you exercise much?
How can I exercise when I have to bathe and get my beauty sleep!
Never, Never, ever!
All the time *flexes muscles*
When I want, I just like laying around

Question 9:   What is your favorite name?

Question 10:   What is your favorite quote/phrase?
"A dog is a man's best friend!"
Neither how about "DOGZ RULE!"
"Here kitty, kitty!"
Neither how about,"CATZ RULE!"

This Quiz has been designed by Rachel.