Are you a cat person, dog person, or a loner?

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You may think that you love cats or dogs or you're all alone, but what is truly at heart might surprise you. It may help teach you dog people to like cats more, it may teach you cat people to love dogs more, or it may teach non-animal lovers to think again.

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    Which is easier to handle?

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34 days ago
It said I'm a loner, but I have a dog and love any dog I meet! Pretty sure i'm a dog person
87 days ago
I will never want to pick up dog poop💩its gross that's why i have a cat 🐱
87 days ago
It says im a cat person i guess i will get a cat🐈
309 days ago
It told me ima loner who maybe doesn’t like pets. Bro. I have two pets. One is a dog. One is a cat. Pretty inaccurate if u ask me…