Are you a Doggone Devoted Dog Owner?
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Are you a Doggone Devoted Dog Owner? you decided to take the test, huh?! Cool! This is a fun test designed to assess how devoted you are to your dog. Good luck and have fun!

Question 1:Do you talk 'baby talk' to your dog?
Heck no!

Question 2:Situation: Your significant other usually sits in the front seat of the car, but this time you have your dog with you and he or she wants the front seat. What do you do?
Of course my significant other gets it!
I make them take turns!
Move over honey, Fido gets that seat!

Question 3:Situation: Your child and dog are in the other room playing when you hear a loud crash. You enter the room to find your most prized possession in pieces on the floor. What do you do?
Punish both of them.
Punish the dog-That's your CHILD your talking about!
Send your child to his or her room. You don't want to upset the dog!

Question 4:Do you feed your dog human food?
No way!

Question 5:Do you kiss your dog?

Question 6:Do you mind a little dog slobber?
It depends on where the slobber is...

Question 7:Do people ask you how your dog is before they ask about the human members of your family?
Yeah, alot!
What?! No way!

Question 8:How many toys does your dog have?
Uhhhhh....I lost count...

Question 9:How many treats are waiting in the cabinet for your dog?
0-1 kind
2-4 kinds
A very wide variety, of course!

Question 10:Is your dog allowed on the furniture?
Of course!
Only certain ones
No...yuk, dog hair!

This Quiz has been designed by Heather.