What Small Dog Breed Are You?
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What Small Dog Breed Are You?

What small dog breed are you? Maybe you think you're just a cat breed, but are you really? Find out here.

Question 1:What do you like to do during your free time?
Go into the nearest woods and hunt down a fox or badger.
Chase my tail for two hours straight, or until I can't walk in a straight line anymore.
Yap at everyone until I get their attention.
Stroll around like I'm the queen of the world.
Go for a swim no matter how cold it is. I love water!

Question 2:What happens when you run out of energy.
I curl up on the sofa and take a short nap, then I wake up, wash up, and take off.
I go to sleep, of course. I have my own little pillow because I need my beauty sleep.
I rarely run out of energy, but when I do I can sleep for HOURS.
I plop down on the couch right in the middle of running laps around it.
Run out of energy?!?! What do you mean "run out of energy", are you crazy?!?!

Question 3:What happens at bedtime?
I curl up on my warm bed and then go right to sleep, most of the time.
I snooze for an hour or two and then watch a movie.
I get in bed, but then I get so hyper that I have to be locked in my room so I don't wake everyone else up.
I get in bed, but it's too hot so I sleep on the floor.
I put my "The Princess is sleeping, do not disturb" sign on the door and go to sleep.

Question 4:What does the floor in your room look like?
I has slobber on it, but other than that it's pretty clean.
I dunno, it's covered with mud.
Very, VERY clean.
It's totally perfect, what do you expect?
There are the sticks that I bring inside all over it.

Question 5:How do your mornings start out?
I get up, eat, brush my short, soft hair, and go.
I get up, wash, eat, wash, brush my teeth, comb my hair, wash, and go.
I run around, eat, brush my teeth, and run all the way to school.
I get up, eat, shower for 45 minutes, spend an hour on my long, long hair, and go.
I wake up, go to the bathroom, brush my long, soft hair, eat breakfast, and go.

Question 6:How would you describe your personality?
I am VERY hyper.
I am very clean.
I am hyper, but I still like to run around.
I am hyper, fun, and a very outdoorsy person.
I am very popular and picky.

Question 7:What do you like to do?
Play outside.
Play ball with my friends.
Run around in circles.
Brush my hair.
Clean myself.

Question 8:Hi?
I need to clean myself, excuse me for a minute please.
I wanna play ball, lets play ball, c'mon!!!!
You are very weird.

Question 9:Do you bite people ever?
Well, don't tell anyone, but... yes i have a couple times.
No, I scratch them.
Yes, once or twice.
Yes, all the time.

Question 10:Do you eat alot?
No, I want to be skinny, you know.
Yes, sometimes.
No, I'd get to dirty eating alot.

Question 11:Do you like to talk alot?
No, not really.
Well, only when I'm in the mood.
Yes!!!! Of course!!!!

Question 12:What’s your worst trait?
I am TOO clean sometimes.
I have a high, squeaky voice.
I slobber sometimes.
My ears are too big for my head.
My hair sometimes gets in my eyes.

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