Which dog is right for me?
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Which dog is right for me?

This quiz will tell you if you are ready for a dog from the sporting group, non-sporting, toy, and working group!!

Question 1:Arf!!Arf!! What do I like to do most?
bark at the door then bark at the person standing at the door!!
Chase bad guys!! That is fun!!
Get pampered!! Brush me!!

Question 2:My human is walking me and someone approaches us!!
Don't get those greasy hands on my white fur!!
Oh Boy!! Another person to love me!!
This is my human!!
ArfArf!! Don't touch me!!

Question 3:Where do I sleep at night?
At the foot of my human's bed
Anywhere in my house
In a big soft plushy bed laying right near the fireplace
In a little bed just my size

Question 4:What do I eat for breakfast?
Dog food with a little chicken or meat on the side to stay energized.
Little bite sized pieces of dog food with vienna sausages mashed up with it
Dog food with extra supplements to keep my coat healthy
Whatever my master eats with some wet food, dry food, meat, and then a few dog biscuits to add on.

Question 5:Do you like to swim?
Move over!! Arf!Arf!
I will wade in it.
I like to swim, just as long as I can get blow dried and brushed, and have my bows put back in afterward
Swimming is fun!!

Question 6:What do you think of your human getting another dog pal for you?
Of course!! Then my human will have two dogs to pamper!!
Sure!! Someone to have as a friend, and to bark at the doors!!
As long as my human is by my side, I'm great!!
That new dog might help us catch those bad guys...

Question 7:There is a squirrel in the tree!!
A squirrel? My human has not said I should go yet
ooohhh I feel the need to chase it but I can't get my fur dirty
What is that thing? Wow!! It is just my size!!
Oh my!! Arf!Arf! Get back down here!!

Question 8:Your human took you on a camping trip, and there is a bear outside the tent.
Arf!Arf! Yap!Yap! Get away!!
Everybody in the tent now, and don't forget to zip it!
Grrrrr...Stay away from my human
Stand behind me, I won't let anything get you!!

Question 9:My fur is...
thick, puffy, and plushy...and pretty!!
sometimes short, and sometimes long
short and plushy
long and flowing

Question 10:Would you like to live in the farm/country?
Of course!! Living outside, walking along side the ponies you are riding...
The farm? You mean with dirt and mud and flies? Well ok as long as I get brushed alot and get a bath everyday.
Umm...as long as I am inside most of the time...those animals are big!!
Sure!! Herding sheep is the next best thing to bad guy chasing.

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