Which farm animal are you?
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Which farm animal are you?

Take this quiz to find out if you're a pig, horse, sheep, etc...you'll have a great time!

Question 1:Do you like junk food?
It's ok.
I am addicted!
I only eat it when I go to parties or when I have it in the house, but I don't go crazy.
It is disgusting!

Question 2:Do you like to socialize with others?
I love to be by myself.
I only hang out with my friends.
I like to live in a tiny little hole by myself, with my little elf friend named Bob.
I am called the "Social Butterfly" in school.

Question 3:Do you like to show off your talents or abilities?
I let other people have the spotlight to themselves ONCE IN A WHILE.
The spotlight is ALL MINE. I never let anyone else share MY spotlight.
I hate it. Showing off is mean.
My gosh, it is horrible. I am enemies with people who show off.

Question 4:Are you a messy person?
I am both neat and messy.
I am a neat freak.
I am mostly messy, but just a LITTLE neat.
I love to have mud fights, and my room is the messiest room you'll ever see!

Question 5:Do you like to be outside?
I am NEVER inside. I love to smell the air and stay outside all day and all night.
I told you, I like to live inside a little hole with Bob, my elf friend.
Being outside makes me sick.
I like to be both inside and outside.

Question 6:Do you like rolling in the mud?
yes, Yes, YES!!! I am just like a pig.

Question 7:Do you like to baa like a sheep?
What the heck is your problem?`
Yes, baa, baa, yes.
Only Bob does.
No, why would I? What am I, like a sheep or something?

Question 8:Do you like milk?
It's disgusting.
It's ok, but I only like chocolate milk.
MoOoOoOoOoOo....huh? what was the question?
Love milk? I make milk!

Question 9:Do you like chicken?
I live at KFC.
I love it!
Ewww..it's not that good.
No, I would never eat anyone of my own species! I'm not a cannibal!!

Question 10:Do you like llamas?
No, they're gross.
They're ok.
Hell yea!! I raise both llamas AND alpacas.
Why would I?

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