What breed of hamster are you?

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Hopefully this quiz will teach you a little bit about yourself..... and your hamster!

  • 1
    You and your family have decided to take in a pet. What type of animal do you want to get?
  • 2
    Your family decides to buy a hamster. When you enter the store, the animal caretaker walks up to you and starts blabbering nonstop. What do you do?
  • 3
    You arrive in the hamster aisle. You immediately notice the....

  • 4
    Your mom leads you away to pick out a cage. What cage do you choose?
  • 5
    Next, you need to buy a ball for your hamster to run around in. What color ball do you choose?
  • 6
    It's time for you to choose your hamster! You reach into the cage and pick one up. It bites you! What's your reaction?

  • 7
    Finally you decide on what hamster to bring home. You pick....
  • 8
    You happily pick up your hamster, pay the cashier, and head home with your new friend curled up in your lap. What will you name him?
  • 9
    When you arrive home, what is the first thing that you do?
  • 10
    After taking this quiz, what are going to do?

Comments (13)


3 days ago
hamster balls are not safe, they can get their feet stuck and struggle breathing. pet stores do not provide big enough enclosures for them.
599 days ago
hamster are not breeds; they are completely different animals and therefore SPECIES
920 days ago
This quiz is horrible, hamsters cannot live together and you shouldn't buy them from a pet store. Also, hamsters need HUGE cages. They come from the wild! The last thing, is that hamster balls are dangerous for them.
925 days ago
Score Is not clear =/ why is that?
942 days ago
Loved this quiz!
963 days ago
hamster ball nooooooooooooo golden hamster is not a breed a golden hamster is just a syrian.
1146 days ago
omg yay! im a golden hamster like my hamster i currently own! she is only 2 months old and we only just got her yesterday. shes currently crunching on her food loudly.
1189 days ago
I am a black bear hamster. Wow. I wonder what my hamster would think if I was a black bear .
1654 days ago
I did not like this quiz at all
1722 days ago
Im more of a roborovski...
1728 days ago
this is the dumbest quiz EVER it says your results are not clear... LIKE SRRSLY it but my kind of hammy is a dwarf!
1806 days ago
This is so funny! I have a Syrian Hamster named Jinx, after I got her I took a few quizzes to see what hamster I should get and what ya know I get a Syrian! That’s what I also got on this test😂
2484 days ago
Ahhh! There is no such thing as a hamster BREED, they are a species!