Are you ready to own a horse/pony?

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Think you're ready? Test your knowledge.

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    Where should you NEVER EVER buy a horse from?

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214 days ago
Umm I train and rescue my horses. So I will get them from the auction, kill pen, and mustang makeovers and then Tran them and sell them and it’s not bad... you can get your horse from all 3 of those places....
254 days ago
YOUR GREAT! You're ready to own a horse.

You have correctly answered 9 of 10 questions.
267 days ago
i might get a horse
454 days ago
why shouldnt you EVER buy a horse from an auction/stable/breeder and which one and why not???
532 days ago
Ok 10/10 doesn’t mean your ready well done any way, but it’s only an on line quiz, what would you do if your horse had colic and you didn’t know the symptoms or laminitis , then would you know ??)
552 days ago
No offense to the quiz but this is almost all basic knowledge that the average horse person knows this quiz is more like a what do I know about horses not if a rider is ready or experienced enough...
592 days ago
Guys. Imma just say that if you get a 10/10 you won’t be able to convince you parents to buy you a stupid pony!! I honestly don’t get why you parents would think just because passing a little test online would make you suitable to buy a horse.
678 days ago
ok listen so just because you get a ten out of ten does NOT mean you are ready to get a horse there is so much more to owning a horse then whats on this dumb quiz you need to learn alot and get prepared for a horse not just know what they need bu that is important to but like the what should I wear riding question is so weird no one ares what you wear riding.
688 days ago
Just because someone gets 10/10 on this quiz that doesn't mean that They are ready to own a horse this quiz makes no sense to me the cost of keeping a horse is huge vet visits/dental checks/farrier visits/food/tack etc it takes time money and commitment to owning a horse horses have done so much for us so we need to repay our respect but if you understand it all a little begging your parents won't hurt
702 days ago
There is a whole lot more to owning a horse. I don't believe parents that know nothing about the equestrian sides of things who are seeing if they are ready to buy themselves or their kids a horse or pony because there is just so so much more to it, I'm sorry but if they bought a horse or pony just by taking this quiz they would have to sell the horse within a week of having it.
703 days ago
Most of these questions are not related to owning a horse, for example:
Should I wear when riding a RIDING HAT, HI TOP or MY MOST EXPENSIVE JUMPER?
Even a non-equestrian could answer that!?
716 days ago
I don't own a horse but I spend all my free time at the stables down the road there is so much more to owning a horse believe me
724 days ago
Does anyone have any ideas on how I call let my parents get me a horse or pony. We have a large back garden so we could build stables and my friend has land and her own horses and says I could keep it there if I got one(her and her Mam) I also go riding and go twice a week to help out and sometimes after school
803 days ago
Getting everything n this quiz correct does NOT mean you are ready to own a horse. You need to know as much as possible about horses and horse care, and be willing to spend the time, money, and resources on your horse. Also the mucking out question is weird - it does not take me that long to muck out a stall.
841 days ago
These questions are entirely common sense, and do not require experience or effort. If you got all of these questions right, it doesn't AT ALL mean you are ready to won a horse. They left out a lot, and every equestrian differs in how they do their routine - i own two horses and there is a lot more to owning them than this.
865 days ago
I personally ride horses, and I was taking this quiz for fun. Looking at the questions these are very basic questions. In my opinion you need to be very experienced with horses before getting one, this is nowhere near it...
883 days ago
Ugh, I hate when people who think they know everything about horses make a quiz and leave out important things.
895 days ago
I love horses and I spent hrs researching and i got 10/10 I hope it convinces my parents to buy one 🐴💙💜🐴🐴🐴
904 days ago
I am so excited because I got 9 out of 10 so now I know that I am ready!!!!!!
920 days ago
I used to ride horses about a year ago and I’ve stopped but I want to get back into it but I know nothing about horses but somehow I got 9/10 haha. Questions were very easy.