What kind of riding fits you best?

Should you be a Jock, Saddleseat rider, Eventer or a Cowboy? See which type of riding you would enjoy best!

Question 1:Which breed is your favorite?
Arabians or Saddlebreds.
Quarter Horses.

Question 2:How high should a horses trot be?
As high as I they can get their legs up!
Why would their trot be high?
I don't care how high they trot, what matters is if they make it over the jump!

Question 3:What speed do you like to go?
As fast as the judge asks me to go.
Doesn’t matter.
The faster, THE BETTER!!!
Cantering all the way!

Question 4:What type of riding clothing could you stand to be seen in public in?
A bowler hat, tail coat and dress pants.
A cowboy hat, boot cut jeans and a plaid shirt.
Multi colored pants, shirt and helmet.
A velvet hunt cap, tailcoat, chaps and boots.

Question 5:How often should someone stand up in the saddle?
Every time the outside shoulder is forward.
When your getting off the horse!
The entire time.

Question 6:What is the thing that you see most when your around horses?
The outside shoulder.
Barrels, cows, and bronco's!
The guy in front of me!
Either all 4 legs or The next jump.

Question 7:What types of shows would you be found at?
Really fancy, classy ones!
The kind where people get killed by being trampled by the bull that they were riding!
Ones that you can bet on!
The ones that cost more then my car!

Question 8:What horse place is the coolest to you?
Scottsdale, Arizona
Anywhere in Texas!
Anywhere were the Summer Olympics are held!

Question 9:What is your idea of a good time?
Being in the spotlight at the Nationals while my horse is being perfect for once!
A nice relaxing trail ride.
Trying to see how fast my horse can go!
Practicing jumping and Dressage.

Question 10:Do you think that you are a true horse person?
How the heck am I supposed to know?!

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