What style equestrian riding are you fit for?
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What style equestrian riding are you fit for?

Ever wondered what sort of riding you'd be best at? Or, if you're really a horse person at all? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:What's your thing to do in general?
Something time-consuming, like shopping
Something cultured, like dining
Something quiet, like writing
Something active, like sports

Question 2:What horse-related activity do you like best?
Riding the horse thoroughly, so it's flawless
Making the horse look it's best- grooming, bathing, etc.
Working on certain moves until the horse's muscles are toned
Anything, just so long as I see the end result- I don't really like the work

Question 3:What's your favorite breed of horse?
Something sleek and fast, like a thoroughbred
It makes no difference to me, just so long as it's clean
Something broad and steady, like a quarterhorse
I like the pretty horses best, and seeing them do their work

Question 4:What's your favorite part of competing?
The behind-the-scenes work (ie getting the horses ready)
Watching the events
The feeling of winning
The pride of my horse doing its best work

Question 5:What's your favorite color? (Random questions keep you on your toes)
Blue or Red
Black or White
I don't have a favorite/ none of these
Yellow or Orange

Question 6:Which outfit are you most comfortable walking around public in?
Jeans and a halter top, with sandals
Comfortable jeans and a tee shirt, with tennis shoes
Riding jeans and a button-up shirt, with leather boots
Riding breeches and a tight top (maybe a jacket), with leather boots

Question 7:What's the perfect horse's name?
I think stable names are adorable (ie Jack, Chip)
Something elegant and expensive-sounding (ie Contango, Pilatte's Place)
I don't pay much attention to names
Something strong but natural-sounding (ie Stormy Daze, Wildfire)

Question 8:Would you date a guy who rode horses? If so, what sort of riding?
Sure, as long as he made lots of money from it
Yes- Anything that takes years of dedication and hours of time, plus big fences
No- I know how much time he would have to put into them
Yes- Anything where he'd have to keep his fiesty stallion underhand

Question 9:What would you snack on at the barn?
Why would I be at the barn? I only go to shows.
A granola bar, to keep me going.
An apple- it's easy, and I can share it with a horse.
I just drink water- I don't want cramps!

Question 10:Ok, last question... if people were to stereotype you, what nickname would you be given? (Or which is closest to the one you have?)
Ms/Mr. Caring or S/he Who Can Handle Anything
Ms./Mr. Perfect or Stuck-Up
Little Ms/Mr. Independence or Cowgirl/boy
None of these- I'm more of a leader than anything though

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