General Riding Quiz
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General Riding Quiz

Question 1:   What is a horse with white markings spreading up from the stomach?

Question 2:   What is the difference between an eventing helmet and a schooling helmet?
The eventing doesn't have vents
The eventing doesn't have chin straps
The eventing has a ribbon around it
The eventing has no visor

Question 3:   What is a hand gallop?
The fastest gallop possible
A training device
A gait slightly faster than a canter
A very controlled gallop

Question 4:   What should you do if you fall?
Always get back on right after
Spread out in mid-air
Try to fall on your stomach
Keep hold of the reins

Question 5:   How long should your stirrups be in English?
To your heel
Right above your ankle
Right above your heel
To your ankle

Question 6:   How tall is a horse to be considered a pony?

Question 7:   Ok easy one: what side of the horse do you mount on?
The horses right
doesn't really matter
The horses left

Question 8:   How did eventing originate?
Entertainment for the Royal Family
A aqha test
To test soilders
4-h test
An endurece test

Question 9:   What is the big event held in Kentucky? (don't laugh)
River Glen
Sugar bowl

Question 10:   In which event do you have to memorize something?
Show Jumping
Hunter Jumper
All of the above

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