What Level of Horse Rider Are You? Quiz

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This quiz is all about what level of horse rider you are. It is totally accurate, and is one of the best ones out there!

  • 1
    First of all, do you love horses?
  • 2
    Can you trot without your instructor reminding you to switch diagonal and keep your heels down?
  • 3
    Can you can'ter without your instructor telling you to change your lead, keep your heels down, or to sit deep in the saddle?

  • 4
    Can you jump?
  • 5
    How high do you jump, usually?
  • 6
    Can you dismount, mount, and lead a horse without help?

  • 7
    Can you brush and tack up a horse?
  • 8
    What do you wish to be in the horse world?
  • 9
    What's your dream horse?
  • 10
    Did you enjoy this quiz?

Comments (24)


57 days ago
Umm... It said I'm an advanced rider when I've only been riding for a year.. Sure, I can do anything they said (other than jumping as I do Western) but all they mentioned was the basics that any advanced beginner or intermediate rider can do. I believe that this is not accurate.
183 days ago
I got very experienced. I can walk, trot, canter and jump 2-3 feet. I lease a fell pony, George and I want to own a barn and teach lessons when I grow up. x
332 days ago
It says Im a very experienced rider, but I say I'm not that experienced, I've been riding for nearly 4 years and I can walk trot, canter and jump, I have been to two stables wich the first one was making me learn really slow, now I have a great stable! I can brush, untack and sort of tack up a horse, I love horses
459 days ago
also i can mount, dismount pull up the stirrups, untack, and part of tacking up
459 days ago
I got very experienced, and i can walk, trot, canter, jump one foot, do diagonals, do circles, trot over poles, fell off once, by simply ending up sitting on the pony's neck trying to canter LOL, and also i have ridden five ponies between two stables, and i have been riding for about a year altogether in both stables but five months at my new one
474 days ago
I got advanced... hmmm.... I've been riding less than a year! Sure, I know how to dismount, mount, tack up, brush, etc, but I've never gone faster than a trot, and I haven't tried jumping yet!
631 days ago
I got very experienced, but I say i am intermediate. I can mount, trot and canter. And I jump 2-3 feet.
653 days ago
I got intermediate but I only just started riding and can walk and trot and mount with a step and dismount without help but don't tack up or groom and only ride the school ponies who can get spooked sometimes now am I intermediate or an absolute beginner
656 days ago
This is weird. It's only for English riding. I am in a novice rider and this says I'm advanced!I do care taking, tacking up, and all that stuff without a problem, but it claims I'm advanced! Quite disappointed with this.
742 days ago
hahah here i thought this was a test for "goin at it" lmaoooooo
765 days ago
Apparently I am a very experienced rider. I can jump 70cm, I have recently learned to canter circles properly, I can just about canter a figure of eight, I have mainly rode riding school ponies, who were nearly always calm, although they could spook a little bit. I've just started riding a pony who is really sweet, but he is sensitive, and he can get really strong. I'm not a beginner, but I'm not experienced either.
777 days ago
it says I'm a very experienced rider but i don't even canter
824 days ago
I'm an advanced beginner and this quiz says I'm a very experienced rider! SO wrong!
842 days ago
Apparently, I’m a very experienced rider. I’ve been riding for two and a half years,I part lease the best pony ever on lease. I jump 70cm. My flatwork is ok at best. 🤣
879 days ago
I’ve been riding my whole life, and only started jumping a year ago. I can jump 80cm now, but all of these tests include jumping. I own 5 horses. There should be some for western or saddle seat. Not everyone jumps. I’ve taken a lot of these quizzes and it says I’m advanced or professional which is right. It has some accuracy but not everyone jumps.
927 days ago
Ohh no :(. i got beginner while i’ve been a horse girl for 12 years 💔💔
968 days ago
It is horrible! I'm only a beginner or advanced beginner and it said I was an advanced rider- Perfect! So wrong!
1050 days ago
This test is not very accurate. While my results are right , I am an advanced rider, it should be more thorough . You cant say how advanced a rider is by what horse they want or if they liked your quiz .
1087 days ago
I can't even jump... I have been riding for just under 2 years...
Apparently I am an advanced rider... I am only just past confident beginner. This quiz is incorrect ( give me some tips on how to convince my parents to get me a horse plz)!!!
1558 days ago
Ok so it's all about English riding not everyone does English Ive been riding for over 7 years I have my own horse and I muster cattle campdraft etc I'm only just getting into English