What breed of horse are you?
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What breed of horse are you?

This is a fun test to see what kind of horse or pony you are! :0)

Question 1:Your friends describe you as
Headstrong and determined
Kind and logical
Innocent and loveable
Wild and hyper

Question 2:In your spare time, you
Try on clothes/make up to see what looks better on me
Play sports. Anything to be active!
Like reading. Fun and educational!
Do anything people think I can't

Question 3:What cause means the most to you?
People's rights!
The environment all the way!
The sick and injured!
The homeless/needy!

Question 4:If I had a taste, I'd be
Tangy and tart!
Sweet as candy!
Spicy, baby!
Sour like a lemon!

Question 5:Where would you like to live?
Anywhere close to a sports center!
In...a house? A nice house. With a pool and stuff.
In the woods someplace. Near nature.
A huge palace!

Question 6:Your physical characteristics are
Tall and strong
Small and petite
Skinny and athletic
Short and stocky

Question 7:I ride
Um...not at all?

Question 8:Your friends try to talk you into going to a party, but you don't want to. You
Jump out on to the dance floor to cut some rug! W00t!
Go and have fun chatting and laughing in a little circle of friends.
Forget it! I don't want to go, I don't go.
Stand in a corner surrounded by admirers.

Question 9:You get called into the principal's office. Your first thought is
I probably forgot my lunch or something.
How did he find out about that!?
He better not try to make me stay after school!
When he sees my face, how could he possibly be mad?

Question 10:Your friend goes behind your back and does something very mean. You
Are very upset, but hope you two can maybe work it out.
Are furious! I want revenge and I want it NOW!
Are sad. You just lost a friend!
Feel confused. You thought they were your friend! Why did they act so nice before?

Question 11:How would you rate my first test?
It was pretty good. :0)
Don't quit your day job.
Eh. Take it or leave it.
Awesome! Do more do more!

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