What type of horse is best for you?
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What type of horse is best for you?

Are you interested in buying/leasing a horse? Or just interested in finding out what kind of horse is best for you? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:How long have you been horseback riding?
over 10 years.
Between 5 and 10 years.
Less then 5 years.
I don't ride.

Question 2:If you ride, what type of riding do you do? If you don't which would you like to do?
Hunter/Jumper or dressage
Saddleseat or Sidesaddle
I prefer driving over riding.

Question 3:What size horse would you prefer?
A large horse (16.0-17.0 hh)
Medium size horse (15.0-16.0 hh)
Small size horse (14.0-15.0 hh)
Pony size (under 14.0 hh)

Question 4:Would you be interested in showing?
Yes, as much as possible
Yes, but only when I have extra time on my hands
Maybe, depending on my riding ability and horse.
No, I'm not interested in showing

Question 5:Would you want a popular breed of horse, or a rarer breed?
I want a popular breed of horse, (usually they have annual shows for only this type of breed)
I would prefer a popular breed of horse so I can interact with other people that have the same breed.
I have no preference as long as the horse is right for me!
I want a horse of a rare breed, this makes them more unique.

Question 6:Would you want a horse that you could take out on trails?
Doesn't matter.

Question 7:Would you want a horse that was good with children?
Yes, this is very important!
No, this horse would not interact with children.
Yes, but would only interact with children on the ground. (wouldn't be a riding school horse)
Doesn't matter.

Question 8:What type of personality do you like in a horse?
Gentle/easy going.
Fiery, but a smooth rider.
Very docile/willing to learn.
Very relaxed/easy to ride.

Question 9:How much would you plan on exercising your horse?
Couple times a week.
Once or twice a month.
Whenever I get over to the stable.

Question 10:Do looks matter to you in a horse?
Yes, I want a good looking horse that I can show.
Somewhat, I mainly care about personality though.
Yes, I want a horse that looks presentable to others.
No, looks don't matter to me.

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