Which Animal Am I?

So you LOVE animals (that's why you're checking out this quiz, right?) Well, do you ever wonder which animal you are deep down inside? Ever think about actually turning INTO an animal? Take this quiz now to find out your inner animal. It'll be GRRRR-eat to know!:-)

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    Which of these groups of colors do you like best?
    Which of these groups of colors do you like best?

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56 days ago
I'm A PIG🤣Omg I look like a pig too Lol
71 days ago
95 days ago
@Hi Ima Pig lol lol criys lol
97 days ago
@ winged wolf girl lol
97 days ago
Ima Famingo?????? I want cooler stuff but I can take it
132 days ago
132 days ago
I guess ima pigg.. oink oink..... *Cries*
177 days ago
PIG!? I am now offended.
178 days ago
I got a pig.... I really wanted to be a bird or a wolf or maybe a horse. But A PIG!!! Hahaha 💑to be me ig...
197 days ago
I got a pig and I'm not fat!😫
206 days ago
ima zebra bro (. .)
218 days ago
I got a.........flamingo? okay
231 days ago
i got a Chicken... why am i the only one that got chicken and saying it if you get chicken say it pleaseeee tyy
328 days ago
I like I mean LOVE animals
336 days ago
im a pig and I am an offended person because I am not a pig
375 days ago
omg, i am so offended lol. i was a pig... i wanted to be a bird!! ;w;
395 days ago
Omg like everyone is a pig & a flamingo lol lol lol!
395 days ago
I'm a zebra;) coooooool:)
408 days ago
Everybody is getting pig and flamigo- i feel bad .-.
408 days ago
Are you kidding? I got a pig! I wanted to get a falcon. Or an owl witch is my spirt animal.. Darn this game ;-;