What Animal Best Suits You?
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What Animal Best Suits You?

We all have our favorite animals, right? Well, if you were to be an animal, what would you be? Or would you stay the same? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:What feeling comes over you when you see a fire hydrant?
I hope there isn't a fire.
I gotta gooooooo!
Wow, red..... I'm sleepy. TAKE ME HOME!!!
Is there a fire truck around that I can rip up?

Question 2:What do you think when you see a cat?
Must bite...... Aaaaarrrrrrooooooooo!!!
Aww, so cute.
Does he know where I can get fish?
Hey, look! It's my cousin Leroy!

Question 3:Do you like to swim?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends.
I'm too busy splashing the swimmers to swim!
Swim? Me? Get wet? No thanks. I just had a makeover!
SWIM! Oh buddy, move over! SPLASH!

Question 4:Food.
All you can eat buffet!
Either I hardly eat, or I load it down.
A good, hearty meal.

Question 5:Have you ever had a dream that something bigger than you chased you?
I was the big thing.
No, I'm too petite to run.
Yes, and I bit them.
I dream crazy all of the time.

Question 6:Which of these defines comfort?
Silk sheets, fluffy bed, massage, hot bath.....
I get my back scratched.
I'm too stressed to be comfy.
Sleeping in a cave.

Question 7:Do you connect with certain animals?
Yeah, fish.
No, don't you see it's all about me?
All of them.

Question 8:What's your favorite activity?
Getting my way.
Appearing cute, then bending a metal bar or something like that.
Everyday things.......

Question 9:What do you think about trees?
Great for keeping your life.
Well, they are good for playing.
They save you from the river.

Question 10:What do you think about this quiz? (Be honest!)
Boring, wasting my time.
I liked the cat question.
It needs more danger-related questions.

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