What animal were you in a past life?
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What animal were you in a past life?

Ever felt the frustration of a hard-to-reach...hairball? Well for all those that haven't, find out which animal you were in a past life! Try hard to remember...

Question 1:In your previous life, what was your attitude towards your owners?
EXCUSE ME??? I think you mean, what was my attitude towards my personal slaves.
I liked them, but they thought I was too loud.
The food wasn't bad, but it gets really soggy...
I liked them! They gave me food and played with me!
Let me at thossse humans...

Question 2:Which of the following are closest to your hobbies?
Slobbering, eating, playing frisbee.
Swimming, eating.
Singing, eating.
Plotting revenge.
Preening, boasting, gloating, being superior.

Question 3:What kind of food sounds the most appealing?
Human flessssh
Uh, those flaky thingies.

Question 4:Which of these would be your perfect career?
Daycare worker, child.
King, ruler, President, if I'm in charge, I'm there!
Swimmer, lifeguard.
Singer, opera star.

Question 5:What would be the most likely reason for being grounded?
Eating too much.
Being too loud.
I ground them, silly!
Foiling another revenge plot.
Chewing on the sofa.

Question 6:What is the biggest problem you have?
Psychopathic tendencies.
Noise level control.

Question 7:What is your favorite type of music?
Techno, electronic.
What mussssic, I'm trying to plot against the humansss.
Whatever is popular.

Question 8:If you knew somebody's secret you would...
not be able to tell anyone, so do nothing.
shout it out as loud as I can.
not tell anyone.
gloat to them about it, and make them run errands for me.
blackmail them.

Question 9:How many hours do you sleep per day, on average?
I do not sssleep.
I sleep whenever it is dark.
What is sleep?
I sleep whenever everyone else does.
I sleep all the time!

Question 10:Which animal would you MOST like to be?

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