What Reptile are you?
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What Reptile are you?

Are you a lizard, a turtle or a snake? Find out with this quiz!

Question 1:How many people do you like to be with?
I'm pretty solitaire.
I like to be in a small group, but if there's someone in that group that I don't like, they'd better watch out!
I like to live in large groups.

Question 2:How flexible are you?
About average.
Quite flexible.
Only around the neck.

Question 3:How long do you expect to live.
Oh, not too long, but still a good enough time.
Oh, about 15 years.
A looooong time... 50+ years

Question 4:What do you think of swimming?
It's tolerable.
Love it!
I'd rather avoid it...

Question 5:What do you think of climbing trees?
It's okay.
I love it!
It's something that I'd rather avoid.

Question 6:When do you eat?
When there's something to eat and I'm hungry.
Whenever there's something to eat!!!
Oh, every few weeks.

Question 7:What do you eat?
Anything, but I especially love melon, lettuce, meat, and fish.

Question 8:How big are you? OR: How big do you expect to grow?
It depends on where I'm living; I grow to an appropriate size for my habitat.
I tend to stay somewhat small.
Fairly large.

Question 9:Where would you prefer to live?
Lakes, rivers, anywhere where there's water.
In the forest.
Close to the beach; where it's warm year-round

Question 10:Which of these reptiles would you prefer?

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