What breed are you?

What dog breed would you be if you were a dog?

Question 1:Do you care much how you look?
Yes, but it's not that important
A little
Not at all
yes, that's very important!
No, there's better things to do

Question 2:Do you love to play?
Yes, I LOVE it!
A little, but I don't have so much energy
No, I don't have the energy

Question 3:How do you look?
I'm a red head, and a real cutie!
I'm blonde with big eyes
I'm SO beautiful!
I have dark hair and big feets
I'm short, and have short brown hair

Question 4:Do you like children?
Yes, I love them
Yes, but they are too much sometimes!
No, not at all, only the ones in my own family
Not much, but sometimes

Question 5:What do you like to do?
Play and have fun
sleep, eat, play...
walking and take it easy
Care for my look and take compliments

Question 6:Do you eat much?
No, not much
I eat as much as I can, but I get easily full
yes, but not too much
yes, VERY much, I love food

Question 7:Do you like cats?
No, I hunt cats!
No, I hate animals
Only if I know them
Yes, if they like me
Yes, I love almost any animal

Question 8:Are you smart?
No, not that smart
average, but I don't care that much
Normal, and I really try
Yes, over average
Yes, I'm the best in my class!

Question 9:What do you hate most?
when people look down on me
when someone wakes me up when I'm sleeping
when someone is mean to me

Question 10:Do you like cold?
No, it's better when it's hot
Yes, then I don't have to go outside so much
I love the winter and the cold, but not too cold
Yes, but there's nothing wrong in heat
I love it, I hate heat

This Quiz has been designed by Kate.