What bug are you?
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What bug are you?

Have you ever wanted to know what kind of bug you are? Take this quiz and find out

Question 1:If you were walking to work one day and someone fell down in front of you what would you do?
Kick them and make it look like you tripped
Trip over them
Slap their face
Help them up

Question 2:Still on the way to work you see your dysfunctinal bosses new H2. What do you do?
Later in the day "accidentally" push a can of paint out of the window onto the hood of it
Take out your keys and scratch some obscene words into the side
Walk past it then compliment it to your boss
Smash the window and try to hotwire it

Question 3:Somebody calls your office and starts screaming at you.Do you
Ask them politely to be quiet
Hang up then call back and whisper threats into their answering machine
throw the phone out the window
Yell back

Question 4:On your way to the deli for lunch you see that your favorite sandwich has been taken off the list.Do you
Call the police
Come back later and hold them up
Ask if they have an alternative
Force them to make your sandwich

Question 5:On your way back to the office you see a car being jacked.What do you do?
Run a truck into the car
Knock the carjacker unconscious and steal it yourself
Call the police
See if you can help and get a ride

Question 6: when you get to the office you notice a very small package on your desk with your name on it, sent from your mom, you then...
Send it back
Open it
Yell "Achoo"
Turn of the lights and try to evacuate the building
Throw it into the bosses office and hit the deck

Question 7:During work your computer shuts down while your typing up your daily report, you...
Flush it down a toilet
Smash it with a stapler
Yell "Achoo"
Try to fix it yourself
Chuck it out a window

Question 8:The person who yelled at you during your work hours suddenly meets you in the parking lot with a very large hammer.You...
Pull out your own hammer
Yell "Achoo"
Use your stinging flip kick you learned in your office training video
Smash a truck into him like you did with the car jacker
Ask them to put it away while you call the police with your phone

Question 9:After a tough day at work you go home to make some tea and you find out there's no tea left.Do you
Go and hold up a store for some more
Jump out the window and roll around in the grass
Yell "Achooo"
Set your neighbors dog on fire
Say "Oh,well"and find something else

Question 10:When getting ready for bed you forgot your sleeping cap at the office.You...
take a rug and rap it around your head while dancing in the bathtub
Very carefully you pick the lock to the office building ,take out the cameras, grab your hat and fly away in your helicopter
Sleep without it tonight
Yell "Achoo"
Break your neighbors window and grab his Russian dancing hat

This Quiz has been designed by Jamal.