Which Animal Am I Most Like?

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Have you ever wondered which animal you'd be if you were one? Now is your chance to find out if you are a wolf, a dog, a rat or a human. Which are you most like? If you take my quiz, you'll soon know!

  • 1
    What do you think about cruelty to animals?
  • 2
    How do others treat you?
  • 3
    Which of these are you?

  • 4
    If you come up with ideas or plans to do with people, how are they set out?
  • 5
    Which of these would be an ideal mate?
  • 6
    Would you let an animal die or kill an animal for its skin?

  • 7
    Which animal do you most fear?
  • 8
    How many friends do you have?
  • 9
    Which personality most relates to you?
  • 10
    How would you describe nature?

Comments (15)


784 days ago
What a fun thing! Pretty interesting just how many traits we share is very interesting!
812 days ago
We all are human, look at yourself and ask your self, Am I like another animal? no.
813 days ago
I AM WOlf Yes I wish i was a cat but wolf are more brutal I’m so happy I’m wolf cause I don’t have very much friends and I love drama and I love to fight I love to night and hurt pepole and of course fight🤛🏻🐺
854 days ago
I can't believe i didn't get cat! instead i got 50% dog, 30% wolf, 10% rat, and 10% human! Also I'm 10% HUMAN!!!!!!!!!! Now I think I'm an alien! And also it said that i am popular which I am not popular at all. but it did get it right that i am very energetic and playful but it say i'm almost not shy at all which i'm shy to strangers and other people i don't know. In the part where it asks you what you personality is two of them were my answer but it would only let me choose one. If you're looking for a fun quiz do this one but also try other ones because this one is a little bit fake.
862 days ago
Yes! 40% wolf! Love wolves, not the best quiz but nice and more focused than others
895 days ago
I love what is says about humans XD sadly I’m 10% human
985 days ago
This test is fake because it said I am 10 percent rat which said I am an outcast and often left out which I am totally not!!!!!!!!So if you just took test and looking at the comments please please please don’t recommend this quiz to ANYONE!!!!!
And by the way the reason I didn’t put my name is I don’t want people on the internet to know my name so I will stay unknown
993 days ago
I want a kitty so bad
1041 days ago
im sad..
i want a bunny
1053 days ago
This quiz is so opinion based, I didn’t know that quizzes could be like that. Like just hating on someone’s choices,
1062 days ago
I love animals i dont know why people kill animals i mean just let them live its like me and you wat if someone wanted to kill you hust for its food i bet there really regret that they killed animals and will never toch an animal again
1362 days ago
I really don't fit in with humans at all but I donut know how I feel about my results
1678 days ago
Not all humans are monstrous and cruel I'm not my parents aren't, most good people don't care about themselves I know humans are obsessed with animals but give the humans a break some humans are good and people who hate humans will go to hell God created you so you hate your self and humans that God made. I'm not a huge fan of animals nor humans but I am not offended by hatting on the living souls of a human being.
1730 days ago
I’m a wolf. I feel like it describes me really. Keep up the good work Amazing
2268 days ago
i'm a rat they are cute and a lot like me

i love this good work