What elemental animal are you? (with pictures)

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Answer truthfully!

  • 1
    What color represents you? (NOT your favorite color!)
  • 2
    What do you like/want to be, doing most?
  • 3
    What element do you want to be, and why?

  • 4
    (Yes, there is no earth element in this quiz, sorry) Role-play: You are fighting some bad guy. He is about to win and you pull out a weapon, what is it?
  • 5
    Role-play: So, you win the battle. On the way home you look into a magical weapon shop. What catches your eye?
  • 6
    Role-play: So you go into the shop, and decide you have enough money to buy a dagger. Which one do you get?

  • 7
    Role-play: So you buy the dagger and you are walking home when you find 20$. What do you do with it?
  • 8
    Role-play: So, someone sees you take the money and the come over to attack you. What is your fighting technique?
  • 9
    Role-play: So you are back safe at home. What does your house look like?
  • 10
    Okay. Last question. You are...?

Comments (10)


1064 days ago
Cool I got a Eagle. I like the description. It fits me perfectly!
1175 days ago
I got Light Horse first time then Ice leopard then dark wolf and now wind eagle. whew. although it bothers me theres no animal cat.
1468 days ago
It was cool that I got a wind eagle. Anyone know how to be a shark?
1840 days ago
this time i got light horse im very pleased with that than ice leopard because i am horselover8yearold but ive changed my name
1849 days ago
meep same as you and the same on cats and dog but to be honested it does sound cool
1917 days ago
How can I be funny hyper and dark at same time?
1940 days ago
Ima ice leapord, even though im a dog person, don’t like cats that much xd
2094 days ago
I got a i think a sky fox cuase its really blurry
(And cuase im addicted to foxes)
2155 days ago
Dark Wolf and Ice Leopard...
2349 days ago
YES! I'm a fire fox