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What Rodent Should I Get? Quiz

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  • 1
    What is your patience level?
  • 2
    How much are you willing to pay for the overall cost?
  • 3
    What would you like the life expectancy to be?

  • 4
    How much space do you have for a cage?
  • 5
    How cuddly would you like your pet to be?
  • 6
    How energetic would you like your pet to be?

  • 7
    How much time can you spend cleaning your pet's cage and interacting with it every day?
  • 8
    What is your living situation?
  • 9
    How much smell can you handle?
  • 10
    On a scale of 1 to 5, how badly do you want your pet to learn tricks?

Comments (21)


31 days ago
I got a guinea pig for the most and then rats. I really want rats as they are so cute and I know so much about them for me rats was the second. Hopefully I will get them one day
67 days ago
hi its my first test
72 days ago
im doing my first quiz
119 days ago
I'm doing a test for my mom I love guinea pigs but my mom won't let me have one
So I'm going to let my mom do a test and see if she gets guinea pig
130 days ago
It's so cool got 50% guinea pigs 20% mice 20% rats 10% hamsters 0% gerbels but I have none of the pets but I love guinea pigs they are my dream pet
474 days ago
i just did this test hoping to find a new pet! i have 5 hamsters already and it obviously came up with that :)
539 days ago
IM 50 Guinea pig which is funny I have 1 guinea pig
20 rat I’m not a fan but it would be cool to have it as a pet. 10 hamster I have also had a hamster it died of eating to many Cheerios while my family was gone at store 10 gerbil I’ve never had one heard they were amaze balls though 0 mice I’ve never had one and don’t plan too
539 days ago
Ugh I take like 10 minutes to get results but I love it recommend it and OMG it epic I will tell you guys my results when I get them
715 days ago
i got guinea pigs its funny cuz i have 2 of my own !
824 days ago
It said i should get rats and i have before they are amazing creatures i wanted to get one in the first place and this helped me to make me want some rats more!
869 days ago
omigosh i was trying to see if a guinea pig is the right pet for me and i got 50% guinea pig 20% hamster 10% rats 10% mice and 10% gerbils sooo i am getting 7 guinea pigs!
998 days ago
I got 40% rats, 20% mice, 20% guinea pig, 20% gerbils, and 0% hamster( Wow)! Now I want a guinea pig!
1102 days ago
I got 70% rat and 30% guinea pig!
I really want a rat so that is good! I also have friends with guinea pigs so I think that this is quite accurate
1270 days ago
LIlly, you should get a gerbil. They are more friendly than hampsters and I had a great experience with them. (Except I thought I got two females and got one of each. You can guess how that turned out...)
1299 days ago
It said hamster which is great cuz i have two i was thinking about getting a gerbil o a rat but i don't know the only animals on this list i have not a had is a gerbil and rat
1392 days ago
Apparently, my results weren't clear. I doubt this is really a proper quiz.
1541 days ago
This quiz is worthless. It said I'm 20% everything! This is a fake quiz grrr waste of time
1604 days ago
I got mice but own 2 hamsters and 2 rats so i guess mice is like a rat but small and smarter
1773 days ago
It said rats and that is good cause i have two of my own and i love them so much...im not weird
1937 days ago
0% gerbils cuz they are "not cuddly" yet every night mine sit with me on the couch and watch Tv with me