Which Animal Best Represents Me?๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿป๐Ÿญ๐Ÿ

You must love animals, just like I do, or you wouldn't be checking out my quiz! So, what kind of animal are you the most like? A wolf, cat, bear, mouse, or snake? NOTE: This test works best for girls. Of course, boys may take it, too, but the result probably won't be as accurate for them. So: What animal best describes you and why?

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    What about friends?

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692 days ago
I got the wolf, yay! Plus, Its my favorite animal! :3
708 days ago
wow im a mouse and might be a wolf lol
736 days ago
Cat, bear, wolf, mouse and snake
742 days ago
I was a wolf which is my favourite animal and I feel connected to them
743 days ago
welp i wanna be a singer~
962 days ago
Snake-wolf-cat-bear-mouse. Well thanks, I definitly wasn't trying to do an assignment where I need just 1 animal ;-;
991 days ago
I got a mouse, but I read the descriptions and I'm actually a wolf. Also, I HATE mice and rats and I think I only got it bc i love to read.
998 days ago
Have a great Kern county day.
1010 days ago
I would fit more as a mouse but Iโ€™m a bear.. my second is a mouse Iโ€™m actually REALLY shy..(doesnโ€™t count at home) Anyway Adios
1017 days ago
I love wings of fire and I got my favorite dragon!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‰
1017 days ago
Why is a favourite disney princess relevant? All of the other questions had some sense in them, but the last one really did not and ticked me off a tad bit.
1018 days ago
I got a wolf. I guess I really am a wolf because there literally my favorite animal!
1027 days ago
I got wolf and it ligit represents me no kidding
1034 days ago
i'm a wolf-mouse, it said i was a snake... NOPE
1047 days ago
I got a wolf I trued it 3 times and I am a 11 year old and a wolf is what I am.
1060 days ago
I got a woman who's bout'o smack
1096 days ago
Um I got bear.............shore
1105 days ago
43/cat 33/bear :)
1108 days ago
I was mostly wolf and cat
1186 days ago
So Im a horse! I love dogs though so MUCH!