Are you an Animal Lover?
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Are you an Animal Lover?

Take this test, are you a goldfish killer or a 3 year old rabbit person?

Question 1:How long have you kept a goldfish alive, if you ever have had one?
1 year
1 week
never had one
2 years
1 day

Question 2:How many pets have you had?
0, I don't have room and no time
3 or more, or your parents won't let you get even a goldfish.

Question 3:Where do you go when at the mall?
I browse
Food court
Pet stores

Question 4:What do you do when you clean?
Wood clean
Ammoniating the counters

Question 5:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Fashion designer
Police Man

Question 6:If you are over 18, what do you do?
In college studying accounting and anything else.
Gasoline salesman
Anything else I've missed
In college studying animal anatomy.

Question 7:What do you do when you find a lonely stray cat.
Walk away
Stray Cat, where?
Eww, I wouldn't touch it.
Give it food and take it in for the night after a quick vet check-up, unless it is extra mean

Question 8:What do you see yourself as when you are eighty?
A one of those people who have a whole lot of cats.
Nursing home all the way.
A grandma of course.
Fat and happy.

Question 9:What are you doing as you take this IQ test?
petting my dog/cat/rodent/amphibian/anything else
Nothing else
Anything else

Question 10:How many pets do you have right now?
2 or more

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