Does My Rabbit Love Me? Quiz

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Rabbits are nothing like dogs. You have to earn their love, instead of immediately crouching down and cuddling with them. They'll love you forever, too! This quiz will help you figure out whether your bunny loves you or not!

  • 1
    What does your bunny do when you enter the room?
  • 2
    When feeding time comes around, what's she/he like?
  • 3
    Where does she/he sleep?

  • 4
    Does he or she ever binky/run a Bunny 500 in your presence?
  • 5
    Do you pet your rabbit?
  • 6
    Does he/she groom you?

  • 7
    Does she/he roam your room/house?
  • 8
    Is she/he OK with being picked up?
  • 9
    What's her personality like?
  • 10
    How was this quiz?

Comments (7)


187 days ago
How do I convince my parents to let me get a rabbit? Please? Best wishes, good luck,
Anonymous Human!
345 days ago
my rabbit xiao likes me petting her and grooming her, as well as me feeding her ofc, but she always leap to my chest whenever I want to put the nice smelling powder on her. I’m abit confused, but I think that she just showing affection to me and my friend Sarah always gets licked by xiao here, but she never leaps to Sarah’s chest whenever she helps me groom xiao, and that’s the part I would like to know.
345 days ago
My rabbit is rlly understanding to my feelings and always licks me and my friend sometimes when she comes here but there’s one thing I would like to ask … whenever I groom ebi, she always hop out of my lap and just leap on my chest and start licking my cheeks when I start to comfort him. Is that a sign than my rabbit wants me to stop, or is it that he just wants my attention or smth else?
409 days ago
can you add "I don't sleep in the room my rabbit is in" to question 3
1195 days ago
I love this quiz! And i also love the fact that my little Sunshine loves me! (My Rabbit ofc)I Good luck rabbit owners with your rabbit! Hope they'll love you back!
1370 days ago
Hey, Terl!
My best guess is that you simply have a curious and social bun who likes human attention! It's totally possible - and ok! - that a bunny makes friends with other people and therefore obviously enjoys their company, too. Most of us don't have just one friend and absolute zero interest in meeting other people, knowing what they're up to, or acknowledging their existence when they enter a room, after all! But, naturally, bunny owners who love and care for their bun 24/7 want to be the one their bun loves the most. So, are you or are you not her favourite person? The best indicator of extreme affection is usually in their grooming habits. Most rabbits will only - I repeat, ONLY - lick those with a special place in their hearts. They can recognize different people and know exactly who they want to give kisses to and who is a complete and utter stranger! They don't just lick you because you smell deliciously like the apple you ate earlier or because of the salt on your skin. However, keep in mind that there is the odd rabbit who is very loose with his/her affections and gladly licks just anybody, and there's the other, completely opposite rabbit who won't groom anyone at all. If she seems to like human company but has never said so by giving anybody a couple of licks, look out for 'indirect grooming'. Rabbits have a pecking order, except unlike chickens where it's 'who-pecks-who', it's 'who-grooms-who'. Some rabbits will not groom a human because they believe they're higher than their human in the pecking order - so, by bunny law, no matter how much they like their human, only they may get pampered by the lower subjects and never vis versa. This doesn't mean they don't like you, don't appreciate you, or don't crave for your attention around the clock like the major attention freaks they frequently are, though. Some feel they have to obey that pecking order strictly, but, still wanting to say 'I love you' and 'thanks', they will opt to do so in a way that is still acceptable to them but gets the message across: indirect grooming. It's basically the bunny version of blowing a kiss! This is when they lick something near you or something that smells like you in plain view so that you are sure to see them blowing you kisses! From the rabbit with the royal personality, indirect grooming screams the same amount of affection that direct grooming does coming from the less royal rabbit. Does your rabbit groom only you, whether it be direct or indirect? Then you're her favorite person! You're the only one she loves enough to give kisses to! Does she groom a whole lot of people? She either gives kisses as easily as high fives, even to strangers, or she just happens to really love you all so stinkin' much that she's willing to give each and every one of you kisses!
I think perhaps she's only curious, that maybe she'll venture a little closer to people entering the room for a better look, perhaps go so far as to try and sieze an opportunity to get human attention, or she recognizes the person entering as the person who always brings treats (one person brings carrot peels almost every time she comes into my room. As a result, my bunny is much more excited to see her than the other people she's become familiar with because hey! If someone brought you chocolate every time they came into your room, you'd probably give them eyes and ears when they come in, too!).
I hope this helped! : )
1417 days ago
She seems to like me well enough, but gets interested/animated/excited when other people come into the room. Is she taking “mom” for granted?