What kind of shark are you
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What kind of shark are you

Have you always wanted to know what kind of shark you are? Are you a nice sandshark or a deadly great white? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:   Do you spend a lot of your time in the water?
I practically live in the water
Goodness yes
a little bit
water, what do you think, I am a fish

Question 2:   Do you find yourself biting people?
I love it so much I have to be restrained at the beach
if someone gets in my way
if one my way to work one floats by

Question 3:   If your friend asks you what to eat you say...
the fat woman in the floatie
krill and plankton
oh, the usual

Question 4:   Your favorite movie is...
Finding Nemo
Deep Blue Sea
anything that is on pay-per view

Question 5:   What is your favorite video game?
Everblue 1 or 2
Harry Potter 1 or2
Simpsons Road Rage
Finding Nemo

Question 6:   What color and how long are you?
grey top, white bottom around 18ft.
large and black with small white spots,26 to 29 ft.
grey with darker stripes,10 to 12ft.
grey and around 8 ft.

Question 7:   Where do you prefer to live?
temperate areas worldwide
worldwide in temperate zones
worldwide in tropics
tropical and subtropical areas

Question 8:   What does the sign on the beach say?
Marine Life Popular in Area
Sharks in area
watch where you step

Question 9:   How deep in the water do you go?
4.200ft.(1,120 m)
500ft.(150 m)
100ft.(30 m)

Question 10:   What is your main diet?
people, other sharks, seals, turtles all that fun stuff
incoming krill and plankton
birds, fish, seals, anything that falls overboard
fish, dolphins and, birds

This Quiz has been designed by Seth Hegarty.