What is your spirit animal? (Based on Red Indian folklore)

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Do you want to find out what your spirit animal is? Have a strong desire to find out what wild animal suits you the most? Here's a quiz to determine that! Once you complete this quiz, you will have a spirit animal to call your own.

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32 days ago
Definitely no!!! Is EVERYONE a rabbit?!
32 days ago
I think it’s ok.. (not finished)
387 days ago
Rabbit? I guess so but it's sad that you think there's enough of me in the world, that I'm not special. Just kidding!
607 days ago
Rabbit? I guess this is true? I'm pretty anti-social so this is a kinda accurate test?
695 days ago
Love it so so muchhhh ❤️
729 days ago
A rabbit? A rabbit? I am not a rabbit! I could maybe agree with it if it weren't for the description given with my answer but..... I really am not like that! I am one of the deep ones!
813 days ago
Ima snaky snack
But that is kinda funny cause apparently im also a slitherin
820 days ago
I got a fox! 🦊 why did everyone mostly get an eagle 🦅?
1137 days ago
Okay I take it back I can see how I’m an eagle.
1137 days ago
An Eagle, well I mean it’s a good test. But an EAGLE! I would like to know which Indian folk tales.
1145 days ago
I love wolves, and foxes and I took 2 different tests and got a wolf and a fox. Good test!
1174 days ago
I’m a Rabbit 🐇🥕
1175 days ago
me a rabbit. Um, ok. 80% me. whatevs
1294 days ago
I got a fox! I think it describes me perfectly!
1337 days ago
I'm very glad you had fun, @Hermione. You deserve it.
1347 days ago
I am an eagle 🦅. It feels nice to be told the world needs you. THANKS, ERINA
1352 days ago
This is my quiz, and I didn't even get the best answer lol.
1373 days ago
Wow, a majestic eagle.... *'murica theme plays* but still, pretty nice being "needed" by something.
1527 days ago
ok am i the only won who got a snake........
1545 days ago
I'm a fricken eeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaggggllle I wanted a wolf but it's good enough