Which Totem Animal Am I?

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Ever felt an inexplicable connection to wildlife? Does the song, "Colors of the Wind?' from the Disney movie "Pocahontas" thrill you every time you hear it because it's like it was written and performed just for you? Do you have Native American roots? Take this quiz to find your Native American Totem Animal!

  • 1
    Which season is your favorite?
    Which season is your favorite?
  • 2
    Which of these trees would you prefer to be?
  • 3
    Which of these colors do you most associate yourself with?

  • 4
    Which of these do you most often feel?
  • 5
    Which of these qualities do you feel is the most important in a friend?
  • 6
    When angry, what do you most often do?

  • 7
    What bothers you most about the world today?
  • 8
    Which of these do you wish for the most?
  • 9
    Your idea of good weather is....
  • 10
    Your favorite subject in school is...

  • 11
    You would most enjoy spending a vacation...
  • 12
    Choose one.
  • 13
    If money and time were not factors, which college major would you choose to pursue from the following?
  • 14
    Would you rather...
  • 15
    Is your tone of voice usually...
  • 16
    Your best friend has just learned he/she has a terminal illness. Immediately, you...

  • 17
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 18
    What is your take on politics?
  • 19
    What's your favorite texture?

Comments (182)


78 days ago
where is fortnite totem quiz?????
78 days ago
WOW!!!!! i am a thoroughbred 40%! Hopefully not a black one
154 days ago
I guess the options are wolf, bear, deer, and eagle. I tried for the first 3, each with 26% leaving eagle with 21%, which, after reading all of them I kinda get why. Parts of each of them describe me and other parts don't at all.
173 days ago
Im a deer and the description really described me
243 days ago
I really like is test my results are I am a Wolf,bear,deer and a eagle actually I like to be fox
259 days ago
Ok every time my first result is a deer and I'm nothing like a deer... It said I'm also like a bear a wolf and an eagle. I'm only like a wolf this was not helpful for why I took this
262 days ago
This is a cool quiz, but I’m unsure now If I’m a wolf or an eagle? Ah well, there both great 👍🏻 loved the quiz,byep.s anyone know any other good quizzes for totem/spirit animals
277 days ago
wolves are cool i guess
282 days ago
I am a wolfgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
327 days ago
I Know mine is a grizzly bear not a deer lol
369 days ago
This is cool, but iam not a wolf. Cant i be something else
396 days ago
wolf really ? I didn't think so but this is amazing awwwwwwwwwwwwooooooo
655 days ago
i took the test a scond time but didnt answer any of the questions
663 days ago
I just see that I’m a deer, not a wolf...
663 days ago
I’M A WOLF!!!! 🐺
668 days ago
im only taking this bc my teacher siad to
717 days ago
Not the best quiz ever. Very broad and not accurate at all. None of my test results described me.
750 days ago
deer go meow
762 days ago
I think everyone gets the same answers just different percentages.
772 days ago