What Pet Should I Get?

This test will tell you whether a reptile, bird, cat, dog or other small mammal would be the best pet for you. Pro tip: It's possible that you shouldn't get a pet. Owning one is a responsibility you might not have time/money for, or could lose interest in. Do a lot of research before deciding, because you don't want to cause another living being to suffer.

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    What are you looking for in a pet?
    What are you looking for in a pet?

Comments (399)


wow okayyy i guess i am getting a guniea pig
3 days ago
No hamster pls quiz
9 days ago
It told me to get a bird but I have 3 Indian ring necks and 12 chickens
I was just looking to see what animal I should get next (I guess I’m getting more birds)
10 days ago
QUIZ: what pet would you never want?
ME: a dog
QUIZ: 50% you should get a dog
10 days ago
I love my cats their are so cute
13 days ago
dogd are cute but no is cuter than my chiweenie.
17 days ago
I love animals sooooooo much
17 days ago
30% bird what about the other 70%!
20 days ago
i wasnt really expecting a dog well i guess dogs are pretty cute
26 days ago
I got cat but I already have 1
35 days ago
Does anyone know what pet I should get? Right now I'm leaning towards a cat or dog, bunnies are out of the question because I have toddlers at my house. My parents are leaning towards a bird. What should I get???
35 days ago
Sab, I think the other 50% just meant every other pet you could choose. So that could include cats, birds, reptiles, and rodents. If your mom doesn't want a dog, maybe consider an animal that would be (somewhat) similar in the amount of care you give it, like a cat or a bunny.
35 days ago
Helga, maybe you just don't have all of the right requirements for a goat. But either way, you should research to decide, because these types of quizzes are just a lead.
36 days ago
Got a dog uwú. Happy as hell.
40 days ago
My god I like goats not rodents... I hate rodents...
Dis quiz is BROKEN. DONT TRUST IT. Dis is Helga for Russia.
41 days ago
I like dogs but is said%50 what is da other % 50?
I mean I do pid da test 4 times and I got a dog but my mum dose not want a dog in da house I mean 😪 it’s so annoying!
Tx for reading :3 ;3 ;) ;)
41 days ago
To anyone who didn't get their favorite pet, it's because this quiz decides on a good pet based on how much you can really provide for it, not on your personality. Obviously, if you don't have much room or enough money to take care of large animals like cats and dogs, you'll get something else.
43 days ago
I got hamster which is actually what i was wxpwcting
53 days ago
I did this quiz twice and it knew my heart. I always have loved dogs and they were like you should get a dog! I love dogs. :3 Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
57 days ago
I am happy with my answer. It was a dog! But two questions: Firstly, what breed? And secondly, what’s the other 50 percent? I mean, it said for 50 percent I’m dog, but what’s the OTHER 50 percent??!