Are you a wolf?

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Do you want to know if you are a therian wolf? Well this quiz can determine that!

  • 1
    What is your favorite food?
  • 2
    Your favorite animal is. . .
  • 3
    You see a wolf twenty feet away, you. .

  • 4
    Pretend you are a wolf, what do you wear so that other wolves know who you are?
  • 5
    Again, pretend you are a wolf. You see a human. What do you do?
  • 6
    What do you look like as a wolf?

  • 7
    What is your favorite color?
  • 8
    What would your name as a wolf be?
  • 9
    In a wolf pack, what would your rank be?
  • 10
    Why do you want or not want to be a wolf?

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21 days ago
Hi it is Charlie here the pup I just did the test with Harmony and it was really fun cuz I am a wolf and cuz I love wolves I love wolves and they're so pretty!!!!!!!!
21 days ago
I have always thought I was a wolf me and my little sister and my best friend and I really think that we are. And the person that is someone I am in Billings Montana on alderson 422 and my pack is the moonstones me and my best friend are the leaders we thought it wouldn't be fair if only one person can be the leader so I have three people in my pack me my sister and my best friend I want the person someone to know that that's where I live and you can join my pack
25 days ago
Hi I have a pack and I am a real wolfy friend I met when I was a baby pup and senc then we've been friends ever since I love her anyway are wolf pack name is Element Asher.#wolfs🐺
57 days ago
I got that I am a wolf. It would explain much: I have an amazing hearing and eagle eyesight too. I hate people touching my stuff. I don't like sharing room with anyone and I rarely get sick or hurt. I itch to find my true mate, someone with whom I will be the rest of my life. I still haven't shifted to wolf form. Anyone care to share how to? any pack that is willing to take in a Beta she- wolf?
58 days ago
Aye yo
66 days ago
are u sure that is a dating app??????????????????????????????
66 days ago
Sup guys im luna im a afpla cya baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
68 days ago
Who wants to be in my pack in South Africa at Balito dolfin cost willards beach on the on the weekend I will be at the lifeguard tower at 8 in the morning if u want the night pack is the only pack I know of in Balito but 1 pack I know of it the rebels they are so bad we are badass pack so pls join us
68 days ago
I'm in a pack yay the night pack I'm the alpha of the pack and I have 3 pups a mate 2 friends and 1 bro and 3 sisters
68 days ago
I stand on the edge of the moon rock, staring at the stars and moon. They call to me and I call back with a howl. I am the only surviving wolf in Ireland that I know of. I am completely and utterly alone. I hear another howl in the distance and perk up. On the other side of the valley I see a pure white wolf, the opposite of my fur, and I start to think that maybe I’m not alone.
69 days ago
Bark Bark, it’s Canine time!
71 days ago
Ender where are u based on
71 days ago
When I die I hope I will be reincarnated into a white wolf a Alpha wolf I have a girlfriend who is 62% wolf so we are a couple and we hope we have pups later we are teens but we are wolves born wolves we can make a difference in the world of our lives and the pups we make will be great and healthy. Does everyone live in South Africa in Ballito so any wolves can we meet up on Willards beach dolfin cost
71 days ago
How is the life of a wolf I'm 93% so how so we live in public place but how are we goin survive pls talk to meh
74 days ago
“Always believe in your self my fellow wolves.”
74 days ago
It is my nature to be kind, gentle, loving but know this : when it comes to matters protecting my friends, my family, and my heart do NOT trifle { don’t mess with } me ; For I am also the most powerful and relentless { harsh or inflexible ( unwilling to change or to to compromise ) creature u will ever know. For I am reborn under the moon. I am one with the Wolf.”
75 days ago
My name is Miles and I have always known I was a wolf. I was born female and I always try to convince myself that I am a man, but that would make me human, so I just say that I am male. My wolf name is Milodious, Miles for short and I have been struggling to admit my identity for years. Whenever I look into the mirror I see a human, but I know that isn’t me. I long to see a black male wolf, to finally be myself. I hope that in my next life I will be reincarnated into a male wolf. Also when I watched the anime Wolf’s rain, it really hit home and I so desperately wished to be apart of their pack, to protect them from Darcia. I was born to fight but humanity expect me to be weak because of the gender I was assigned at birth. Anyone wants to fight, I’ll be here.
85 days ago
I'd like to be in a pack, anyone know where I could join in one?
(The test said I'm a wolf, if you were wondering.)
96 days ago
Hello my name is Ender and I am an Alpha wolf. Me and my aunt Midnight have know that we were wolves fpr a long time. If u want to join my pack, just go to yhe nearest tip of the mountain closest to your house at midnight. If u do that we can see each other if you are really a wolf.
103 days ago
this quiz i like it was a good quiz to and the alpha role is my role in my wolf pack but i have not shifted into my wolf form yet and i very sad