What Wolf Rank Are You?🐺

Love wolves and wonder what rank you would be in a wolf pack? Take this quiz right now to see whether you're an alpha, beta, gamma, delta or omega! Have fun! P.S. Every type has its much-needed place, so there are no bad results.

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4 days ago
I'm the omega. I've always been protected by the alpha in my group, so the others put me in my place. I don't really have a choice sometimes, but I don't care. The alpha is my gf (yes I'm gay) and I have lots of privileges, which is nice I suppose. I can give someone a nasty airplane spin if I have to. My old school was a battlefield of wolf packs, and I made an alliance with another pack for my group. My pack started when I was in Grade 1, and we were the top rank in the school surprisingly, and also the first. Another pack grouped together from the grade above us, and they were our enemies all through primary school. Our first alpha left and actually appointed ME alpha, but I failed to protect my pack so the current alpha took over and one day she actually did a backflip off the alpha of the other pack to stop them from hurting me. Good thing is, I am a master at climbing trees. I can jump from branch to branch without falling, so I usually spied on the other pack and steal the plans they make against us. I started high school at 11 and found it was completely different. No one touched anyone, and there were only two packs. It's peaceful. I found a tree with a root that breaks into a turned over bowl and it has a branch in it that's shaped like a bunk bed. I have one friend who's an alpha. It's just us now. I have the top bunk and she has the bottom. There's a kind of separation through the middle and a chopped down log we found is our counter we eat on. We dangled some leaves over the entrance of the place. No rain ever falls on us, but there is a small window we have on the side. I still meet up with my pack every weekend. My life is too good to be true, and even though it seems cringe, I do forget that sometimes. All I can say about my result now is I'm an omega. I am this. This is me. And I'm proud of it.
30 days ago
why did i get omega anyways im ok with it i mean people even treat me like one sooooo...
67 days ago
it said i could be the alpha or the omega at 30%. how does that make sense?! im the ALPHA
83 days ago
123 days ago

For 50% you are: Ready for your result? You are the alpha. You are the pack leader and dominant over all the other wolves. Everyone looks up to you. In your pack, your word is law. Be sure you're a worthy leader and not just another power abuser.
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Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: Ready for your result? You are the omega, the lowest rank in the pack. You are always picked on. You are considered as a scapegoat and always eat last. Sorry! This is just an internet test, but consider whether you might need to learn to stand up for yourself more. You don't deserve to always be last.

I mean, how could l be alpha and omega at once?!?!
Also what about the other 30%?
124 days ago
I really wanted gamma and l actually got it!

For 60% you are: Ready for your result? You are the gamma! You love pups and you always tell them stories. Wolves look to you for education and entertainment, and you are always happy to give it to them. Without you the pack would be a lot less happy and fun.
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But just a question, what about the other 40%?
235 days ago
30% Beta and 30% omega, what about other 40%? Anyway, these two are bad ones and I accept it. It's usually because I am introvert that I don't have friends and I like crossdressing, that's the reason of my skinny shape! Tho, I am planning to build a muscular body in future, but the thought of building a muscular body which will never get skinny again scares me like hell. And I want to share my deepest and darkest secrets with my wife, I think alphas keep secret a secret that's why they have high chance. And I am also a sub with dom, anyway let's hope for a real life than doing what you are not! ☺️
253 days ago
Love wolves long time, favorite wolf being delta, under represented. Alfa is not the dominant like I.
263 days ago
So.. What's the other 40%? Just wolf?
271 days ago
What’s the other 50%?
273 days ago
i accidnetally send a a 🦄in heart emoji
273 days ago
Ayo this shi is bs i got 50% Alpha and 50% Delta 🚔
283 days ago
Hey Everyone! For everyone that got Alpha I’m just going to say that you aren’t the leader of all of us, your the leader of your own pack and so am I! And yes, I got Alpha and and the leader of my own pack! So I hope you all have fun and enjoy your freedom! 🐺
294 days ago
I had a werewolf obsession once, that was the real reason I took the test. I got Beta, but honestly I would never want to be alpha... maybe like just an omega, but still treated well. yes please.
318 days ago
I want to be a sigma like president Biden
318 days ago
Sua mae não eh Homem
325 days ago
I want sigma male. Alpha is not cool enough
335 days ago
For 40% you are: Ready for your result? You are the gamma! You love pups and you always tell them stories. Wolves look to you for education and entertainment, and you are always happy to give it to them. Without you the pack would be a lot less happy and fun.
7% of 154046 quiz participants had this profile!

~lol :)
337 days ago
all I got was 30 percent beta. WHAT IS THE OTHER 70 PERCENT
341 days ago
Anyone else got Sigma?