Alpha, Beta, Omega - Which Am I? 🐺

Have you ever wondered where you would rank in a werewolf pack? If you haven't, do you now, thanks to the sheer power of suggestion? There is a hierarchy in every group of individuals. Humans aren't exempt from that. And even though you might not know it, you have a place in that hierarchy, too. Well, take this 'Alpha, Beta, Omega test' and find out. - Or maybe aren't wolf material at all.

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    Before the change, you were more of:
    Before the change, you were more of:

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26 days ago
Do y’all realize uwusubmissiveomega, basicbetahere and, alphawolfdaddy101 are the same person? *wheeze*
126 days ago
I’m an Alpha… kinda knew it lol
167 days ago
Man.... I'm an alpha... wow
192 days ago
uuuh idk how tf i ended up here
192 days ago
193 days ago
Beta here, I don't mind that at all. Whatever Alpha commands, I will be there! 😏
224 days ago
Hihihi read the song of achillies and listen to dpr and the neighborhood and weston estate i love stray kids poems
249 days ago
y-yes o-ofcourse d-d-daddy *puts head down in submission and respect* c-can i uwu kiss you oppa?
249 days ago
rawr uwuwsubissiveomega i am single come to your alpha dominetnt daddy now bbg rawr woof wolf noisese
249 days ago
hey guys! uhm hope you guys are having a radical tubular gnarkly day!!! i hope that uwusubmissiveomega and alphawolfdaddy101 get together to be honest
249 days ago
h-hey guys! uhm *squirms nervously* s-so basically i need an a-alpha wolf *looks down in embarassement* im in heat... c-can you help impregnate me so we can have little baby pups- a lot of them- uwu senpai pls pls h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-help me owo o-o-onichan... -s-sarnaghae oppa
249 days ago
im looking for a submissive and breedable omega who is willing to do anythign i say and mate with me immediately so we can have beautiful alpha pups rawr come to your daddy XD
257 days ago
Omg Omega! Makes sense. *Sniff sniff*
327 days ago
Wow so I'm unique- I knew that!! I'm Omega 😎✌
333 days ago
this is sam's alpha daddy, this test said im a beta but im too good at siffing out phatties for that to be true >:(< br />GRRRRRRRR WOOF WOOF RUffff
333 days ago
I'm a beta owoooooo. my alpha daddy would be so proud :3
343 days ago
i am a beta wolf -3- cool i can help the alpha T〰T
359 days ago
im a beta really is this quiz rigged or what i thought i was an alpha lol
378 days ago
cool im an alpha also anyone else put on question 22 that that 6 year old kid was a skapegoat sorry kid
382 days ago
looks like im an beta, welp okay then that's cool