Alpha, Beta, Omega - Which Am I?

Have you ever wondered where you would rank in a werewolf pack? If you haven't, do you now, thanks to the sheer power of suggestion? There is a hierarchy in every group of individuals. Humans aren't exempt from that. And even though you might not know it, you have a place in that hierarchy, too. Well, take this imaginative, entertaining quiz and find out whether you're alpha, beta or omega material - or maybe aren't wolf material at all.

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    Before the change, you were more of:
    Before the change, you were more of:

Comments (189)


omg! im an alpha xddddd uwu
2 days ago
Ayy I’m a beta. I knew I wasn’t going to get alpha because I’m not much of a leader and like to keep to myself. But I get to be second in command, which is cool. Shout out to all the alphas having to deal with all that pressure. ;) Handle it all please
2 days ago
I got Beta, it said I'm not a leader which is true but I do look out for my pack I think this really is like me. It also said i don't want to be leader which is true. Alpha's have a lot of pressure on them. Good luck Alphas hopfully I'll be part of your pack.
6 days ago
I’m happy
6 days ago
Yay! Alpha! Just as i wanted.
6 days ago
Yay! Alpha
7 days ago
Hmmmmm so I'm a beta, lowky kind of expected it as im not too leaderish like an Alpha but i'm not a sweetheart omega either
8 days ago
I got none of the above LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
8 days ago
I got an ALPHA just like i wanted
10 days ago
I'm a beta ! Kinda expect that, well i prefer being an omega maybe (?) But male beta not bad hehe
12 days ago
I got beta, and actually I was expecting that😇✌️
15 days ago
i got omega- i expected that tho lol
25 days ago
:3 honestly if I was a werewolf I would kill myself :D
26 days ago
Booped all the snoots
28 days ago
Wow!! Really Im an OMEGA!! Thart's really what I want!! Yay!!
30 days ago
OoOOo so I'm an omega how cute
30 days ago
I'm a beta!! Wow that was kind of unexpected but I guess that's okey
31 days ago
Im a Beta, this is what i wanted to be. YEAH IM SO HAPPY.
32 days ago
I'm beta didn't expect that Meh Im good with it.
33 days ago
I am a beta I wonder what my brother