What ancient warrior are you?
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What ancient warrior are you?

Find out which ancient warrior you share characteristics with.

Question 1:When pillaging a small town, do you:
Write a book about it.
Send them on a forced march through Russia in the Winter.
Honor the people of the town.
Find weak, pitiful people to make slaves.

Question 2:What method would you use to conquer the world?
I would cut the heads off of enemy soldiers to instill fear.
I would win people over with honor and respect.
I would get people off their guard with my height, and then strike with the fury of a thousand rabid possums.
I would use my massive intellect to outwit my enemies.

Question 3:If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?
Chewbacca on morphine.
Chewbacca on honorable weed.
Chewbacca on acid.
Chewbacca on Ritalin.

Question 4:If you were a fabric, what type of fabric would you be?
The honor of Silk.

Question 5:Who would your ideal mate be?
Queen Latifah.
the Mona Lisa. ( It's a painting, but hey whatever.)
Bloody Mary.
The honorable Lucy Liu.

Question 6:Do you like turtles?
Sometimes, when I feel like it.
Yes, they are honorable.
Not really.

Question 7:What do you think of France?
"France? Perhaps you are referring to Gaul?"
"France iz ze greateest, no?"
"I respect all honorable nations and peoples, but those French are all gay."
"Grr. Arrgh."

Question 8:If you were a book, would you still hang out with forks?
I didn't know forks and books were tight.
I love and respect the fork, especially his honorable prongs.
No, that's sick.
"Pepe LePeuw, what of him?"

Question 9:If you could choose between s words, a bowling ball, a hat, and a soup ladle, which would you take?
"Does that bowling ball come in pink?"
"I'll take swords for $400, Alex."
"I'll take the hat to cover the shame of my last defeat and regain my honor." (Sigh)
"I'll take the soup ladle, cause I'm French."

Question 10:Trix or Rice Krispies?
"Rice is good."
"I agree, cornflakes all the way."
"I sure like that Tony the Tiger."
"Trix are for kids, real men eat Rice Krispies with honor."

Question 11:What's your favorite scary movie?
An American Werewolf in Paris.
The honor of Ringyu.

Question 12:What's your favorite type of music?
Classical honor music.
'70's rock.
Gay French techno.

Question 13:If you were a car, what kind of a car would you be?
A boat.
A horse.
An honorable Mitsubishi Eclipse

Question 14:How would you like to die?
"With honor."
"Testicular cancer."
"I think I'd like to be stabbed in the back by a few of my closest friends."
"In exile on a deserted island."

Question 15:What would your career be in the year 2003?
"I think ducks are just as smart as I am."
"I'd be big-pimpin' with Jay-Z."
"I'd be in the Mongolian Mob located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama."
"I'd be a Samarai. Honor."

Question 16:Do you enjoy the game Twister?
"I could play that game, if I felt like it."
"I feel honored to play the most honorable game of Twister with honor."
"I'm pretending to be a Samarai. Honor, honor, honor."

Question 17:If you were to give yourself a nickname, what would it be?"
"Trogdor, the Burninator."
"Frodo Baggins of the Shire."
"The honorable Betty-san."
"Nap's Alabama Barbeque."

Question 18:Are you a fruit?
"Yes, orange you?"
"I may like gay French techno, but I am not a fruit."
""Peas, baby, peas."

Question 19:What makes you cry?
"Unhonorable things."
"Sharp, pointy objects."

Question 20:Did you enjoy this quiz?
"I could write a quiz like that, if I felt like it."
"It was quite honorable."
"What quiz?"

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