Who were you in a past life?
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Who Were You in A Past Life?

Scientific studies have found that human consciousness isn’t necessarily based in a person’s brain. Pretty cool, huh? In light of this, it now seems even more possible that each of us might have existed before this life. Who were YOU in a past life? Take this test and find out now!

Question 1:Do you enjoy hard work?
Yes! And adventure!
I don't need to work hard because I have good fortune
If God tells me I need to work hard at something, I do
No, I enjoy chilling as much as possible
I don't enjoy working, but I still have to do it

Question 2:Are you religious?
Yes, I do whatever God says I should
No, I’m not/I believe in a higher power, but I don’t have a name or definition for it
Yes, God gets me through everything
I believe there are many gods, not just one
Yes, and I believe there is only one God

Question 3:Are you superstitious?
Not really
Well, I...AAGGHH! A black cat just crossed my path!
No, not at all. I only believe in science
About certain things, but not in general
To the point my friends tell me I need to just chill

Question 4:Which of these colors/color groups is your favorite?
Yellow and blue
Tan, white and orange
Brown and other earth colors
Purple or red

Question 5:Would you consider yourself high-maintenance?
No, I make do with the bare necessities. I would love more luxury in my life, though
No, I have what I need, and not much more
Very much so, and I’m worth it
No, I’m not really very materialistic
Yes, I am somewhat high-maintenance

Question 6:What color is your hair?
Light brown/blonde
I shave my head
Not sure; it's too dirty to tell
Strawberry blonde, dirty blonde or medium brown
Dark brown or black

Question 7:Do you easily accept people of other cultures and/or religions?
I seem like it to get along in life, but I’m not, really
Yes, I like them and find them very interesting
It depends on what culture or religion we’re talking about
No, I can't stand them. They shouldn’t even be here

Question 8:What is your favorite hobby?
Golf/tennis/another sport high-class people gravitate to
Playing chess

Question 9:Do you like to sleep?
Yes! I am a human sloth!
Only as much as I need to
I’ll sleep when I die!
Sleep is necessary, obviously, but I admit I don’t get enough
ZZZZZZZ...What did you just ask me?

Question 10:Are you interested in history?
Yes, I like to learn about my country’s past
Yes, I’m really into learning about my personal ancestry
My present is so busy, I don't have much time to think about the past
I LOVE history! It’s my favorite subject!
I don't know much about it and am not really interested in learning

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