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Which Founding Father Are You?

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If you like Hamilton the musical, or if you just like the American Revolution, you're in luck! Find out of you are Madison, Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson or Adams

  • 1
    Which of the following would most describe you? Be honest!
  • 2
    What score do/did you usually receive on your tests?
  • 3
    Which of these Hamilton lines would you most likely say? (If you don't know about Hamilton, answer in the same way.)

  • 4
    Which Hamilton song fits your personality? (Answer by just the title if you aren't into Hamilton)
  • 5
    Which Son of Liberty do you like the best?
  • 6
    Which woman would you marry?

  • 7
    Which man would you marry?
  • 8
    Answer the last questions how you please.
  • 9
    Fave sport?
  • 10
    How would you react to the Reynolds Pamphlet?

Comments (10)


737 days ago
I am Alexander Hamilton. And there's a million things I haven't done.. but just you wait.
938 days ago
:0 but I hate Jefferson-
1251 days ago
I am Washington and the people will hear from me on last time!
1280 days ago
I am James Maddie but I dislike TJ
1423 days ago
I am Ham :D Eliza is a cinnamon roll and I know my real-life Eliza (but gender-switched because I am girl he is guy, and I would NEVER cheat on him)
1611 days ago
I am jefferson lol
1703 days ago
I am Washington! I like him.
1708 days ago
1708 days ago
i wanted to Marry Ham and Laurens, XD
1728 days ago