What era should you have been born in?
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What era should you have been born in?

Are you best suited for the royal court or present day streetfighters? Find out!

Question 1:What style of clothes do you tend to wear?
Hand-me-down clothes. They're more comfortable.
Leather - I like the smell.
I look good in anything I wear.
Whatever I feel looks best on me.
Whatever's 'in'. Duh!

Question 2:What kinda food you do you like most?
Red meat. *rawr*
Fruits and berries. num-nummy,
I'd like some fries with that.

Question 3:Where is your dream vacation?
The nearest game arcade. What planet are you from?
Anywhere but around authority - thank you very much.
Out on the beach.
I like finding new spots to vacation.

Question 4:Who do you normally hang out with?
I don't.
With the preps totally!
The people my parents warned me about.
Whoever digs me. So - that'd be...everyone.
With the A/V group.

Question 5:What do you think about poetry?
It's a blessing to mankind.
I'm the guru of poetry.
It gets the ladiiiiiiies.
It's something I have to do for class.

Question 6:If I was to say 'encounter' what would you think of?
Encounter...of a third kind?
Afternoon tea and crumpets.
What I have to do with my parents in the morning.
Encounters...can I use my fingers to count?

Question 7:What do 'stars' mean to you?
It's what I use to get from one place to the other. Doesn’t everyone?
It tells me what time of year it is, maybe even my future.
Fred Durst and The Rock. obviously.

Question 8:What's your favorite season?
Winter. I get to stay inside and watch movies.
Spring. I like the pretty flowers. They make great tea.
Summer. Fishing season is great that time'a year.
Fall. Turkey. Need I say more.

Question 9:What's your favorite movie?
Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a.... yeah...
Does it matter if I do a crossword puzzle while I watch it?
Alien. All three.
Royal Wedding - always a classic.
Caddyshack. The pool scene gets me every time.

Question 10:What is wood for?
It's what my Linkin'Logs are made out of.
You mean...the chair I sit in?
It's my pro 450 baseball bat. Beat that.
It's what makes a fire burn at night and keeps me warm.
...is this on the record?

Question 11:Fill in the blank. 'See spot pounce. See spot jump. See spot _____'
Oo! Oo! Oo!
See spot eat your cat?

Question 12:If you saw someone walk into the room with green hair, what would you do?
I'd mow their head.
High 5 them! It's sooooo emo!
I'd get out my taser. They must be from outerspace.
I'd dye my hair blue so I'd look cooler.

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