What Series of Unfortunate Events character are you?
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What Series of Unfortunate Events character are you?

Which Series of Unfortunate Events character are you? Are you Violet, Klaus, Sunny or maybe even Count Olaf! Find Out!

Question 1:   When you were a baby you were most likely...
looking at picture books (or any other books for that matter)
biting everything you could get your hands on
thinking of a way to make a great toy for yourself
thinking of an evil way to hurt people

Question 2:   Which age are you closest to?
an infant
it's a mystery, but most likely old

Question 3:   What do people think of you?
Cute an innocent, after all your only a baby
you are soooo smart
everyone hates you except Esme Squaler and your associates
you have a mind for inventing, you also have good looks

Question 4:   If you were spending an afternoon with your worst enemy, how would you spend it?
biting the person
trying to kill them
reading with them
probably sit and think of an invention besides, they are sleeping

Question 5:   If you found a sack of money, what would you do with it?
give it to a library or reading program
keep it or spend it
as the oldest sibling it's your job to take care of Klaus and Sunny, but food for them
donate it to make baby toys! Especially chewing toys! Babys Rock!

Question 6:   I am a... (there are the same choices but trust me they are different people so just pick one)

Question 7:   If I read a book it would be about...
who wants reading?
about famous inventers
most likely a picture book
anything as long as it's a book

Question 8:   I am most like this animal...

Question 9:   My trait is...
evilness, cunning and anything else bad

Question 10:   My hair is...
My hair hangs down by my shoulders
well, I have very few hairs
WACKO! It sticks out all around my head in little tufts

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