What's it all About, Alfie?
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What's it all About, Alfie?

By taking this quiz, you will learn about yourself through the choices you make as based on the themes from The Scarlet Letter, The Red Badge of Courage, Of Mice and Men, and The Great Gatsby.

Question 1:Hester Prynne is the central figure in the novel The Scarlet Letter as she deals with the harsh battle against the town that she lives in when defending herself and the sin that she committed. Hester knew that her sin of adultery would get her into trouble with the town, however she stayed true to herself. She knew that her true love was Dimmesdale and that she would risk anything to be with him and to have a life with him, even if it meant doing something that she knew was wrong. She did not let the town get to her and she would not let people destroy her inward spirit and courage that she had within herself. If you were in a similar situation as Hester, what would you do? It's Spring Break and this year your parents are letting you go on an all expense paid trip to Cancun with five of your good friends, kind of as a sort of reward for doing such a great job in college this year. You are so excited, but feel a little upset that your girlfriend/boyfriend won't be able to come with you on this awesome trip. Now you know going in that Cancun is a wild place and that anything can happen there, but you make a pact with yourself to not mess up anything with your girlfriend/boyfriend. You know that he/she means too much to you to ruin what the two of you have together and so you are not allowing yourself to see anybody while you are down there. Well, it turns out that you go to a bar one night and meet up with this group of boys/girls and one in particular really likes you. It's a crazy, loud night and you are having an awesome time, but really like this girl/boy too. However you remember what you said to yourself and keep telling yourself that all through the night. You wake up the next morning sleeping next to the girl/boy and don't know what happened. Furthermore you don't know what to do! Do you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend or keep it from him/her? You seem to be in a big mess, so what would you do? But now there is no time to really think because your cell phone rings and you see on the Caller ID that it is her/him and so you
Answer the phone and act calm, cool, and collected. You start to talk, but realize that you shouldn't lie to him/her and confess everything on the phone immediately. You know that in the end it will be better if you tell him/her what happened and explain that it wasn't your fault. You say that you don't remember what happened last night, but if you knew what was going you wouldn't have let anything happen.
Throw the phone on the floor and definitely don't answer it. First of all, you don't know what to say and more importantly you don't want to pay anymore money than you already are for your cell phone. A call from your boyfriend/girlfriend's college would just be too much money right now.
Hesitate, but eventually pick up the phone on the last ring. You sound kind of shaky on the phone and your girlfriend/boyfriend realizes this and so you end up telling him/her, but sound very upset while talking. Your girlfriend/boyfriend senses the tone of your voice and can tell that you are worried. You took a chance telling him/her and now just hope that he/she isn't that upset with you because you explained it was an accident.
Block out the ringing of the phone. It has been your dream to come to Cancun since you were in high school and now that you found this great girl/boy to be with down here, you really don't care about your girlfriend/boyfriend anymore.

Question 2:Lenny and George have such a strong friendship in the book Of Mice and Men and it is this friendship and their dream of owning their own farm together that keeps them going and moving on, one day at a time. They know that it is hard to keep their heads up and still believe in their dream for a farm, but they know that is what they have to do to make their dream come true. They are both very lucky to have each other and a dream that allows them to get through each day. But what would you do if you didn't necessarily have a friend always by your side reminding you of your dreams or what if you didn't even have dreams? Would life be worth living? Or would you make sure you had dreams in order to believe in them no matter the cost? Exactly what would you do? Ever since you were little, all you could remember is your father working so hard day and night to support his family and give them all the luxuries that they could ever want. It was such a great life to live for the family, but for your father it was tough. He really tried so hard to give his family the best of the best. And the harder he worked, the better he would do. He got promoted it seemed almost every week and that was great, but it was also a trade off because that meant that he had to work longer and extra hours. Now don't get me wrong, your dad was with you more than other fathers were with their kids, but there was no doubt in your mind that he didn't work extremely hard. And ever since you were little, that is the life you dreamed of giving your future family and yourself. You wanted the time to spend with your family, but also wanted the luxuries and extras that you could get if you worked and made a lot of money. So now you are all grown up, out of a very good college, and working for a firm which you are pretty happy in. You have a family of your own and are making a decent living, but you want more out of life and your job. However you wonder how your father did it all because you feel bogged down by work and you have only been promoted twice so far. What do you do when the president of the company wants to make you a partner with him? Do you take it or leave it and try to find another job? What would you do? You sit down with your boss on the day of your meeting and
Confess that right now you are struggling with the work, but want the position more than anything and feel that you can handle it if you just take it easy. You know that if you were to turn down the job, you would never be able to forgive yourself for doing that and so you tell yourself sacrifices need to be made in order to get to where you want.
Ask the boss immediately after some light conversation how much more money you will be getting and after he responds, ask him if he can raise that amount because you feel you deserve more if you take on this job.
Accept the job right on the spot. You know that if you don't take the job that you will never know how things could have turned out. You tell your boss that if it gets to be too much that you will step down and hand over the position to someone else, but want to try it because you feel that you can do it and if you don't try you will never know.
Shake his hand as soon as you walk in and smile. This is the day you have been waiting for your whole life and there is no way that someone else is going to get this position over you. You want the money and the prestige that goes along with the job, as well as the hard work and commitment. This job is your dream and you are not going to let it slip away.

Question 3:In the novel The Red Badge of Courage, the Youth has been sent to fight in the battle, but shies away. He is unable to fight and as a result flees the fighting grounds. He later finds out that his particular regimen has fought off the enemy and has done an outstanding job defending their territory. He now feels ashamed and cowardly that he was not apart of the glory that resulted from their battle and that he ran away when he should have stood his ground and fought. What would you have done? You are on the soccer team and what an amazing season it has been for you guys. Your team has made it to the state finals and it all comes down to this one game. Big stadium, big crowd, big hype, big everything. Your entire team is ecstatic and cannot really believe they are actually there. You have played as a freshman on varsity, however you did not start every game and you were only put in the games after the team was in a huge lead and would win for sure. Today you are extremely nervous and feel butterflies in your stomach, however you really do want to play to do it for your team. So the game starts and you are sitting on the bench, watching every single move that your team is making on the field, but at the same time waiting for your name to be called out by the coach because he may need you. The team is now down two goals and there are five minutes left in the game. A senior suddenly scores and now your team is only down by one. Your name is then called out and you freeze. You know that the team and coach need you right now because you are one of the best scorers on the team. So you pull yourself together and go into the game with full force. You know you are down by one and that ONE goal HAS TO BE scored in order for your team to at least have a chance of winning because then the teams would both go into overtime. And so you go into the game and you
Tell yourself that you can do it and accomplish anything you put your mind to. No matter what you must stay true to yourself and your gut feeling that you will score a goal. You look over to your teammate standing next to you and say to him/her 'I know I can do this - you can count on me to score.'
Can't get your mind set on scoring for your team, even though before you were so excited and eager to play. All you keep thinking about is how you will lose money on a bet you made yesterday with your friend on who would win this state championship game.
Go into the game guns loaded. You know that this game comes down to taking risks and that is exactly what you have to do right now. If you never try to shoot the ball, you will never know if you could have saved the day. And so you decide to go all out, take a chance, and try to get the ball to then get the much needed goal.
Know in your heart that your team deserves the championship. You all have worked so hard for four months of your lives and no one else deserves it more than you guys. Just making it here to the championship has been a dream and now you want to make that dream come true and win!

Question 4:In the novel The Great Gatsby, many people have the pleasure in life of having a lot of money. Tom and Daisy Buchanan are quite wealthy, while Jay Gatsby has the most money in all of the community known as West Egg. Nick Carraway lives right next door to Gatsby and knows how wealthy he truly is with all of his lavish and extravagant parties that he throws every other night. The society of West Egg as a whole is very prosperous and anyone can see this. However some people feel that having money is not always the most important thing in life, while other people feel that money is all they have ever known. This is clearly shown in the novel and reflected through the characters and their actions. Wealth in this literary piece corrupts the characters with the exception of Gatsby. Wealth takes over their lives and consequently their lives are then dependent upon it and slowly that is all that they care and think about. Money is what they live for and nothing else. What if money began to take over your life or what if you were slowly being taken in by its power and as a result became controlled by it? What would you do if money were such an influencing factor in your life? What a horrible day it is! You are sitting, dressed in all black, next to your mother and sister, while the rest of your huge family moans and cries around you. Your grandmother has died and along with her, all of the memories the two of you have shared. You remember the time she took you to Paris, France for the week and bought you that great new car for your seventeenth birthday. You remember all the great times on her yacht that you two got to spend together and the great weekends spent in the Hamptons in her mansion. Your grandmother was a really special person to you and you know that you will never forget her. Even with all of the materialistic things that she gave you because she was so wealthy, that had no affect on your love for her. You loved her so much without all of the trips, vacations, and cars, but they were really nice while they lasted. And so today, the day of her funeral you are grief-stricken. After the ceremony your family all sit down and begin to be read over the will that she had written up. After hours and hours of slow reading being done by a very old man, your name finally comes up. You are quite surprised that your name was in there at all because she has given you so much before, but you get on the edge of your seat because you feel that she must have left you a lot of really nice things. “And to my grand-daughter/son, I leave my collection of letters that the two of us shared throughout our lives. I thank you all for bearing with me during this long process and I hope that you all have a good rest of the afternoon.” What??!!!?? That’s it?!!??! You definitely thought that a lot of her money would have gone to you or at least one of her many houses around the world. And so you
Tell yourself that you feel you should be getting more, but understand that your grandmother gave you the best thing in her life. All she wanted was for you to be happy. You just keep telling yourself the truth that she felt you would enjoy the letters more than any material thing.
Stand up and start hysterically yelling, “Wait! This discussion is not over yet! She must have left something out? No money, no car, no house? How is that possible? I would have thought that she would have left me more than just some stupid pile of letters! This is ridiculous! Check the will again – something else has just got to be in there for me!”
Calmly get out of your seat and go back to your grandmother’s house where she kept the letters. You pick them up and think that she must have left you these for a good reason because you know how much you meant to her. You are a little disappointed, but know that the letters do have a lot of value. Who knows? She may have left a check in the stack of letters for you!
Try to stop crying. You are so happy that you even were mentioned in the will. All you can keep thinking about is how much you loved your grandmother and how much she meant to you. Your only wish would be to have her come back and stay with you the rest of your life.

Question 5:Henry Fleming, the young soldier in The Red Badge of Courage, is scared of battle during the war because he is not sure of himself and does not know how he would react in a battle. You have recently been chosen to play on the varsity soccer team. This has been your dream ever since you first started playing soccer. You are both excited and nervous for the opportunity. When game times comes, you:
Explain to the coach that you are nervous about playing. Maybe he will not put you in the game, but at least you were honest about how you feel.
Go into the game using your nervousness as a natural adrenaline and take over for your team. You even get in an argument with a teammate when she yells at you for being a ball hog.
When the coach puts you in, just do your best. You will never know how you do until you try.
Are determined to get playing time and beg the coach to put you into the game. Although he might be annoyed, you are happy because it has always been your dream to play.

Question 6:In the Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway moves to the East coast to experience a new way of life in New York. However, he learns that this lifestyle is very different from his Midwest upbringing. He feels that Easterners live without morals and he soon cannot stand their lifestyle or society. You are given the opportunity to move in with your aunt across the country for the summer. However, you have been planning to volunteer at the local hospital since you want to be a doctor. You:
Would feel guilty going to see your aunt because that is not what you really want to do. You tell this to your aunt and promise to go see her another time, making both you and your aunt happy.
Go visit your aunt. She has always spoiled you in the past and this time should be no different.
Decide to visit your aunt. It will be a new adventure for you and you will make the most of it no matter what.
Tell your aunt that although you would like to visit her, you really would rather volunteer in the hospital.

Question 7:In the novel, Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie have dreams of buying a farm and living on their own. However, Lennie gets in trouble when he accidentally kills Curley’s wife and George has to shoot him to save George from Curley and the other angry men. Their dreams shatter, and George no longer wants to buy the farm. Imagine you and your best friend have been planning to go on vacation over the summer since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, a few weeks before you are scheduled to leave, your friend gets in trouble with her parents and they decide that she cannot go. You:
Have your friend talk to her parents and explain exactly what happened that made them mad at her. Hopefully, when they know the truth, they will decide to let her go.
Find another friend to go with. The vacation was expensive and you will not let that money go to waste.
Have your friend try to ask her parents to let her go if her punishment would then be in effect when she returned. You help your friend make a good argument, and if her parents don’t buy it, then at least you tried.
Go by yourself. There will definitely be tons of other people there to meet and you will have a good time with your new friends.

Question 8:Hester Prynne must change her entire lifestyle when she is found guilty of adultery in The Scarlet Letter. She ends up prospering from her new secluded lifestyle, in which she lives mainly alone with her daughter, and constant reminder of her sin, Pearl. You get in trouble for lying to your parents and they ground you for two weeks. You must stay at home and cannot have any contact with your friends besides at school. However, your friend’s birthday party is next week and after all the planning you put into it, you do not want to miss out. You:
Tell your friend that you cannot go and explain why. Even though you will be upset, at least your friend will know the truth and not think that you deserted her.
Arrange for your parents to go away the day of your friend’s party so you can sneak out of the house to attend. You will get home before they will so they will never even know.
Ask your friend to postpone her party one week so you can go. Although she probably will not want to, it doesn’t hurt to ask.
Try to convince your parents to let you go to the party. If they are reluctant, try compromising by extending your punishment another week.

Question 9:In the novel, Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie struggle through life because of Lennie’s mental disabilities. Lennie gets into a lot of trouble but George always seems to find a way to “clean up the mess.” In the end, no matter what Lennie did, or no matter how often the pair had to move, George continued to be loyal and loving to Lennie. Let’s say that you have a younger sibling with Downs Syndrome. That sibling is always telling secrets of yours and following you around. They cause a lot of trouble and you have lost many friends because of the secrets they told. You even had to move out of town because your sibling told a horrible secret that got you expelled from school. Your frustration level is at its peak. You:
Continue to take care of your sibling and move as many times as you need to.
Don’t tolerate your sibling and yell at them on a daily basis.
Try to cover up for what your sibling does.
Just wait until you go to college and won’t hae to be around them anymore.

Question 10:In the book, Red Badge of Courage, the youth goes through a discovery period and a sort of culture shock. The theme of the book concentrates on contrasting the illusion of battle and the reality of warfare. He has a mindset where he has glamorized war with noble warriors and heroes. However, when the youth finally gets to war, he finds that it is far from a glamorous place and heroes are not made instantly. Now, you are transferring to a new school. This school is known to be wealthy and all the students dress well, have cell phones, and EVERYONE has blonde highlights of some sort. The week before the first day of school, you go on a major shopping spree filled with expensive designer labels. You make an appointment for highlights and charge your dad's cell phone. When you arrive at school the first day, with your new blonde hair, you discover that the trend at school this year is dark hair and clothes from K-Mart. No one accepts you and you need to find a way to fit in. You:
Talk to as many people as you can and tell them that you’re so relieved because that is your natural style.
Return all your new clothes and conform to the new fad.
Continue to wear your new clothes because you like them and maybe you’ll start a new trend.
Keep your new clothes in storage but change your wardrobe just to fit in a possibly become popular.

Question 11:In the book, The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne committed the sinful act of adultery. Hester had to live her life, branded and scorned amongst her neighbors. Her secret lover, Dimmsdale, never confessed and watched on the sides as Hester was condemned. Watching someone he loved be chastised the way she was, slowly tore him apart and his soul slowly deteriorated. Now, you killed your elderly neighbor’s cat. The cat always got into your garbage and howled all night long. So, you and your sister got together in the middle of the night and “accidentally” ran over the cat. Your sister was seen in the car and is now being sued. She must now have a license plate saying that she is NOT animal friendly and has to do 100 hours of community service at the local vet. Her reputation in the town is now ruined and people shy away from this proclaimed heartless kitten killer. Your sister is getting all the blame even though it was your idea and you were actually driving, but you look just like your sister. You:
Proclaim through the streets that you killed the kitten and apologize to the elderly woman.
Pay your sister a large amount of money to keep quiet since you’re a legal adult and could be tried in court.
Don’t say anything to anyone but buy a new cat and anonymously place it on the elderly woman’s doorstep.
Tell the vet that your sister is fatally ill and take over all of her community service hours.

Question 12:In the book, the Great Gatsby, wealth is the theme running throughout the book. Wealth leads to a life of materialism and purposeless drifting. It can lead to corruption. Tom and Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby himself all centered their lives around wealth. Money is the main focus of this book. Gatsby lives his life telling lies in effort to impress people, especially Daisy. Now, you are a young person with a moderately lucrative career. You live a good life but you do not feel its good enough for your secret love, a socialite whose father is the richest man in the city. One day, you are involved in an accident in which an intense lawsuit takes place. You win over a million dollars. Your life changes completely and you realize that this is your chance to impress the girl. You:
Tell the girl that you came into some money and want to take her out on a date.
Buy the girl a lot of gifts to impress her and try to win her over with your materialism
Don’t tell the girl anything about your new money but ask her out on a date and see what happens.
Continue living the way you have and hope that one day you will run into the girl and fall in love.

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