Which random book are you?
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Which random book are you?

I picked a few random books off my shelf. Wanna know which one YOU resemble? Just take this quiz!

Question 1:Do you have pets? (If you don't have a pet select B)
I have a horse.
I have an unusual pet that is always doing funny things.
I have a cat.
I have many different kinds of animals.
I have a dog.

Question 2:What is your bedroom like?
Dark colours, and always my own private space!
Lots of "things". Not sure if they're mine but...
Rather plain and very tidy.
Antique furniture and four poster beds... I like to live like a princess.
Trinkets everywhere, extremely messy and bunk beds.

Question 3:"This is Cub, our young healer."
"You amuse me."
"I knew that!"
"Really? How nice to meet you Cub!"
"Um... excuse me?"

Question 4:What's your favorite colour?

Question 5:What do you value most about yourself?
My sense of humor!
My strong sense of adventure!
My changeable personality...
My strength and kindness.

Question 6:Where are you on an average Saturday night?
Gallivanting around with a small group of friends.
Practicing sports.
At home.
Visiting that special someone...
At a party.

Question 7:What are you're friends like?
Adventurous practical jokers. They're the best!
I don't have friends. Only allies. And enemies.
Funny and outgoing.
I don't have alot of friends but I love my man/girl!
Hard working and loyal.

Question 8:Would you ever go bungee jumping?
Hell, ya!
Not if I don't have to!!
Uuuhhhhhh... maybe...

Question 9:Are you a creative person?
I like to think so.
It takes creativity to be so funny as I.
Yes, yes I am.
Not really.

Question 10:Pick your favorite.
Life an eternal moment.
There was a long silent moment of frozen immobility.
"I didn't say you should." the Buri replied.
And that precipitated a swarm.
He insisted on paying for the vase.

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